MINT seal of approval – seal of approval: MINT education is an investment in the future

Currently, 18 educational institutions from Burgenland, one kindergarten, six elementary schools, nine middle schools/high schools/polytechnic schools and two vocational schools carry the “MINT seal of approval”. And the STEM community in Burgenland continues to grow.

This year, the N#MS Markt Allhau, the Oberwart vocational school and the Forchtenstein kindergarten can look forward to the award of the re-submitters. In the festive ambience of the IV Burgenland Summer Festival, the “MINT – Seal of Approval 2022-2025” was handed over to the recertified educational institutions.

All three deal with the topic of computer science: from the responsible use of media already in the KIGA, to increasing MINT orientation for girls, to the construction of Industry 4.0 systems in control and regulation technology systems.

As the first to submit, the representative of BG/BRG/BORG Oberpullendorf accepted the MIT seal of approval at the MINT Gala in front of more than 250 invited guests in the House of Industry in the presence of Federal Minister Martin Polaschek.

About the MINT seal of approval

The MINT seal of approval was awarded for the sixth time in 2022 by BMBWF, IV, Wissensfabrik Austria and PH Vienna. It honors educational institutions that promote innovative and inspiring learning in the MINT area (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology). With diverse access for girls and boys. Despite the COVID pandemic, there was keen interest on the part of the educational community and commitment was unbroken.

Outstanding educational institutions receive a digital and a haptic seal of approval for a period of three years. A re-submission is possible after these 3 years with a STEM expansion through (school) development measures.

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This year, 174 educational institutions across all federal states applied for the seal of approval. There have been a total of six tendering rounds in Austria so far. 492 kindergartens and schools were awarded the MINT seal of approval.

The photos of the award can be found here!

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