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I’m home ~ 🌸

I’m back from work and eating at home, but yesterday’s concert feels like a dream.

Did I really stand on that stage yesterday …? What? It’s not a dream …? ?? ??smile

But concerts and live performances are always the same.

In just a moment, it’s like a shooting star, like a dream.

💡 Yesterday, the stage director Mikami-san, who always makes live performances with me, and everyone at CMB came to see me, so I thought that there wouldn’t be such an opportunity, and everyone on the team who usually takes care of me. And I wanted to express my gratitude to all the staff with a song … I strongly thought that way 💐

Deliver, deliver —! ️


A concert that concentrates only on songs like that

It was the first time I was born … 🎻

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting forever. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful time 💐✨

I can’t stop feeling “Thank you”.

The next time you can see everyone’s face is Kyoto Anifes? Or maybe it’s a live show at the end of the year 😊

I’ll do my best while looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiles again ~ 🌸

I support everyone every day 🚩



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