Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine warned of possible violent provocations due to blocking of channels “112 Ukraine”, ZIK and NewsOne

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak said that the department is receiving information about possible attempts to destabilize the situation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine receives information about possible violent provocations in Ukraine by external and internal forces after the imposition of sanctions against TV channels “112 Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZIK… This was announced on January 3 by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak, the press service of the department reported on its Telegram channel.

“We are closely following the events of recent days in connection with the NSDC decision to block hostile propaganda TV channels and the use of sanctions against the Kremlin’s information satellites and its implementation by the President of Ukraine [Владимиром Зеленским]“, – said Skinner.

According to him, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine ready to respond to attempts to destabilize the situation in the country.

“We are receiving operational information about possible attempts to destabilize the situation through the implementation of forceful provocations, as well as incitement of hostility and civil confrontation on the part of external and internal destructive forces,” the adviser added.

He stressed that the police and National Guard units will respond within their powers to any attempts to commit crimes, calls for violation of territorial integrity, mass riots, as well as provoking force and violent actions.

On February 2, Zelenskiy put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on the imposition of sanctions against the MP from the Opposition Platform – For Life Taras Kozak and his TV channels.

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The sanctions provide for the revocation of the license of “112 Ukraine”, ZIK and NewsOne, they are ordered to stop broadcasting, all legal activities of media companies are terminated for a period of five years. Providers immediately began to block TV channels, and they made a joint statement about “political reprisals” and promised fight “for their right to broadcast for Ukrainians”.

According to ZN.UA, sanctions against Kozak and related legal entities were introduced after investigation by the special services, during which they established schemes for the supply of coal from the occupied territories of Ukraine.

NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov said that 17 out of 19 council members voted for this decision, one abstained, and one more – on a business trip. Parliament Speaker Dmitry Razumkov abstained, Defense Minister did not vote Andrey Ram, as it is now in India. Razumkov said that if Ukrainian citizens are caught financing terrorism, they need to be prosecuted, not sanctioned… He also noted that if the TV channels were noticed in cooperation with the aggressor country, their licenses may be revoked.

Zelenskiy said the propaganda should receive a harsh public response. He stressed that the decision on the sanctions “was made immediately after the specific grounds for this were fixed and discussed.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture sent a request to YouTube to block the 112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne channels.

In the parliamentary faction, the HLE said that will initiate impeachment Zelensky in connection with the decision on sanctions against channels.


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