Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

The Ministry of Education, led by Andrea Centurión through the Coordination of Youth Scientific and Technological Activities (ACTJ), dependent on the Educational Management Secretariat, launches the different venues where the departmental instances of the Fair of Education, Art , Science and Technology.

On this occasion, more than 1,200 students and teachers will participate in person at the 10 locations established throughout the province.

In this 2022 edition, works from the initial, primary, secondary and higher levels will be presented, both from common education and from rural, special, artistic, technical, youth and adult modalities. Those who are selected in the different instances will participate in the Provincial Fair to be held at the end of September in the Capital City.

Director León Camji stated that “it is an immense pleasure to be able to tour the interior again and share with so many teachers and students committed to carrying out useful projects for the community on different topics in the social and natural sciences, technology, entrepreneurship, technique, art, and many others that, thanks to the creativity of the students, are put in evidence in these projects carried out in the communities where the school is inserted.For this reason, we invite the general public to visit the schools and learn about and share what in school is done,” he remarked.

Departmental instance headquarters:

· Monday, August 8 – School No. 277 “Nicolás Avellaneda” – Tapso, El Alto, 8 hours

· Wednesday, August 10 – EPET N° 4 “Dr. Federico Schickendantz” – Andalgala, 9 hours.

· Friday August 12 – Secondary School No. 15 “Libertador San Martín” – Tinogasta, 9 hours.

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· Tuesday, August 16 – Secondary School No. 20 “Almirante Brown” – Pomán, 9 hours.

· Thursday, August 18 and Friday, August 19 – Secondary School No. 11 “Abel Acosta” – Santa María, Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

· Monday August 22 – School No. 171 – Los Altos, Santa Rosa, 9 am.

· Wednesday August 24 – School No. 280 “Provincia de Córdoba” – Recreation, La Paz, 9 hours. Ancasti and La Paz attend.

· Viernes August 26 – EPET N° 2 – Belén, 9 am.

· Monday, August 29 – “Clorinda Orellana Herrera” Private School – Chumbicha, Capayán, 8:30 am.

· Friday, September 2 – “Pte. Néstor Carlos Kirchner” Professional Technical Education Center – Capital City, 8:30 am.

It is clarified that, in the case of Capital, the “Central Valley Regional Fair” will be held, where the departments of Ambato, Capital, Fray Mamerto Esquiú, Paclín and Valle Viejo will participate. While the works of Ancasti, they must attend the fair that takes place in the town of Recreo, La Paz.

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