Minister of Education says that “he is not interested” that the director of Pronabec be investigated for alleged thesis plagiarism

The Minister of Education, Rosendo Sernadefended the controversial appointment of Maria Tarazona as executive director of the National Scholarship and Educational Loan Program (Pronabec). According to what she said, the questioned official “has the profile, she has the requirement and therefore has the confidence to be able to work.”

When asked about her closeness to the president peter castleby virtue of the 438 opportunities in which he contacted the head of state between January 2021 and March 2022, the Minister of Education indicated that “I am little or not interested in these issues” because “it is his life staff”.

“For me, that is not what is important, whether it has been communicated or not. I am not interested (…) In other words, do I have to ask how many calls you make to a person?”, he added.

In interview with RPP Newsthe Minister of Education played down the fact that the sixth corporate criminal provincial prosecutor’s office of Huánuco has opened an investigation into Maria Tarazonanew director of Pronabecfor an alleged plagiarism in his second specialty thesis.

“Even if she knew it, that doesn’t interest me because it’s her personal problem, let her solve it. It’s her personal problem, it’s not a public problem,” he said.

“She will answer, ask her (…) It is a big problem that you invite me so that I have to be responsible for third-party problems. I am appointing her based on the profile and the requirements. She will show me if she works well or not. That The judge finishes his investigation and when the sentence is passed, there will surely be a legal impediment,” he added.

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At another time, the Minister of Education justified the recent decision of his sector to maintain the number of places for the program at 5,000 Beca 18 after evaluating the case. This despite the fact that a day before he was in favor of a reduction in vacancies.

In dialogue with Todo Se Sabe, the owner of the minedu explained that, after his return from New York, where he was to accompany the president peter castlelearned of the publication of this sectoral policy, despite the fact that it was scheduled for when the Congress of the republic approve the bill for free admission to universities.

“(It bothered me) that it was published because we were discussing internally how to address the issue. We had to wait for Congress to approve or not (free admission to universities), but within the planning we had that the approval was in July, but we are finishing September and Congress is not dealing with it,” he said.

Along these lines, the Minister of Education ratified that by 2023 the 5,000 scholarships for the program will be maintained. Beca 18; however, he insisted that “the project of free admission to universities for the benefit of vulnerable people will not be lost sight of, which must be seen in the Congress of the republic for approval or rejection.

Controversial designation in Pronabec

María Tarazona Alvino, initial education teacher close to the president’s entourage peter castlewas appointed executive director of Pronabec nine days after leaving the position of Deputy Minister of Policies and Social Evaluation in the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) for not meeting the minimum requirements required by law.

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On September 9, a resolution signed by the president peter castle and the head of the Midis, Dina Boluarte, accepted her resignation from the position of deputy minister; however, a program report Fourth power last Sunday gave an account of a report of Serve which recommended to rescind his appointment to the Between for not meeting the requirement of five years of experience in senior management positions in private or public institutions.

In June 2022, the Comptroller General of the Republic He had already warned that Tarazona Alvino and William Ciro Contreras Chávez, who was Deputy Minister of Social Benefits, did not meet the requirements for the position. In response, the Midis assured in a statement that the then deputy ministers did meet the profile.

The Comptroller’s Office had indicated in its report that, after reviewing the files of the deputy ministers, it verified that Tarazona Alvino and Contreras Chávez did not meet the specific experience of five years in management positions or positions of a similar hierarchical level in the public or private sector.


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