Minister of Education: Do not blame us if there are no favorable classrooms on March 1

This Thursday, the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, ruled on the return to the classroom scheduled for March 2022.

The head of the Minedu summoned parents, private companies and society to worry so that the return to the classrooms is safe.

“We don’t want any boy or girl to get sick. We have to win this war against COVID, “said Gallardo.

“I call on the embassies, congressmen, politicians and all the forces of life in our country. If there is a sector that has to be privileged, that has to be the social sector of boys and girls ”, he added.

At another time, the Minister of Education remarked that “the educational crisis was already installed and does not arise from COVID-19.”

“Let us not be Pharisees, let us not hide a reality, do not blame us if there are no favorable classrooms on the first of March. This is everyone’s responsibility, education is everyone’s job, ”he said.

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