Minedu announces upcoming vaccination of higher education teachers | PERU

Updated on 09/11/2021 04:24 pm

The Minister of Education, Juan Cadillo, announced that in the coming weeks they will include in the vaccination process all teachers of higher education, university and higher technological, artistic and pedagogical institutes.

“We have already sent a database to the Ministry of Health to purify it and in two weeks the entire higher education population will be included to be vaccinated,” he said.

In RPP, the head of Education indicated that vaccination against COVID-19 is not a condition or requirement for the return to blendedness of public educational institutions.

He explained that the Law N ° 31091, does not establish that vaccination is mandatory, the ministry will respect the decision of teachers who do not want to be vaccinated, but will offer them information on the importance of immunization against COVID-19 on their health.

“It is our duty to offer the greatest amount of information to teachers, so that they do not fear being vaccinated, that is why we will inform them about vaccines and how they do not affect health “, he commented.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education appointed Vanessa Toribio Vargas today as Vice Minister of Pedagogical Management of the Ministry of Education.

The Supreme Resolution is signed by Minister Juan Cadillo and by President Pedro Castillo.


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