Millions of struggling families could save hundreds of dollars on broadband bills

Millions of struggling households could save hundreds of dollars on broadband bills by haggling with providers for a fairer deal or switching to another company, report finds

  • According to consumer group Which?, Brits can save more than £250 on their bills.
  • Customers saving up to £90 a year with broadband and TV provider bargains
  • Broadband-only customers can also save around £92

Stressed households could save more than £250 if they haggled and switched TV, broadband and mobile packages.

According to the ? On average, TV and broadband customers saved £162 by switching deals.

The consumer group asked more than 5,100 people whose broadband, TV and broadband and/or mobile phone contracts ended in the past 12 months whether they had bargained or replaced and how much they had saved.

Customers who did not switch but took the time to negotiate with their broadband and TV providers saved an average of £90 a year, the findings showed.

According to the ?On average, TV and broadband customers saved £162 by switching deals

Customers switching to broadband-only can also save a lot, averaging £92.

Bargain broadband customers can usually save £43.

when? Talking to mobile customers whose contracts ended in the past 12 months found that customers saved an average of £95 by switching and £62 by haggling.

Where is Natalie Higgins from? “While our findings suggest that out-of-contract price increases due to switching to a new provider or haggling with an existing provider, those who still have a mobile or broadband contract could be hit with price increases of up to 18% strike.’

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According to the ? Nearly half of broadband customers who recently haggled with their providers said they found it easy.

On its website, BT is the easiest to haggle when it comes to suppliers, with 45% of customers agreeing.

How to haggle with your broadband provider based on which one?

  1. Preparation and Research
  2. Build a strong case to argue and document any issues you have
  3. Call your provider and ask for a discount
  4. Not satisfied with their offer?
  5. See what a retention team can do for you

Source: Which?

Sky and TalkTalk followed with 42% and 40%, while Virgin Media was the hardest to bargain with just 37% of customers saying it was easy.

The survey also revealed that more than one-fifth (21%) of broadband customers and about one-sixth (16%) of TV and broadband customers do nothing at the end of their contracts.

Mobile customers are even less likely to take action, with a quarter (24%) of respondents telling Which? they haven’t exchanged or tried to haggle.

The consumer group said: “Broadband customers we surveyed saved an average of £43 a year by haggling – a discount of 7%.

“For those who have both a broadband and TV package, the savings are even more substantial – an average of £90 a year, a discount of around 6%.

“Haggling allows you to bargain, but it’s also an opportunity to check that you’ve got the right deal.

“It’s an opportunity to negotiate faster speeds or more data if needed. Our research found that the average customer who upgrades their deal still ends up paying less.

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which one? A recent campaign has called on businesses in key industries such as supermarkets, telecoms and energy to do more to help customers weather the cost of living crisis.


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