Midsummer heat of more than 38 degrees makes Germans sweat ⋆ Nürnberger Blatt

Symbolic picture: Weather in Germany

Hot midsummer weather with sometimes more than 38 degrees Celsius made people in large parts of Germany sweat at the weekend. The maximum temperatures remained below the heat record of more than 42 degrees from July 2019, as can be seen from the data from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. The meteorologists also predicted a “strong, sometimes extreme heat load” for Monday.

At the same time, the weather forecasters already expected strong local heat thunderstorms in a wide strip from the Rhineland over the middle to the Oder and Neisse rivers on Sunday afternoon. On Monday it should be cloudy from the west through the middle to the east and there will be showers in the morning, and there will also be strong thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The temperatures at the start of the week are usually around 30 to 37 degrees, although it is likely to be increasingly humid. The heat wave should continue until at least Wednesday.

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