Microsoft works to mitigate blocking of Windows 10 updates


Microsoft has long had a serious problem with Windows 10 updates and it does not seem that it will be solved in the near future: they all come out with a multitude of errors that, although they do not usually affect the bulk of users, those who have to do it – and taking into account the popularity, there are some that can affect For many millions of users, it can cause serious headaches.

In recent years we’ve seen a bit of everything: Windows 10 updates that they deleted personal files, random reboots, failures with the start menu, with Windows Defender… And these are just a few of the many that, with each release, continue to haunt users of the system. Of course, when we talk about Windows 10 updates, we do it from the new versions that are being launched. The current monthly updates are what they try to fix the mess with.

Why is this happening with Windows 10 updates? There is a tendency to excuse the wide range of hardware that the system covers, but this circumstance is not new: Windows has dominated the PC market for more than twenty years. So? It could be summarized that Windows is no longer the priority for Microsoft, although it continues to be its great workhorse in the face of the world.

Thus, the attention that was paid in the past to each Windows release is in the past. It was explained by a former Microsoft engineer and little more can be added, apparently.

Blocking Windows 10 updates

Not that the Redmond have been quiet: on the one hand they will try to make life a little easier for users with the return of service packs, although we will see if they succeed. On the other hand, they are improving collaboration with manufacturers, allowing them to request the update blocking Windows when running a version of the driver incompatible with these since this is one of the areas where more incidents occur.

However, it does not seem that it will improve things a lot and Microsoft knows it, so they are not only concerned about the possible errors that are launched with Windows 10 updates, but that they do not reach users who they need them: blocking updates to which we have just referred and which can also be negative. Well, they are working on it, what would that one say.

To speed up unlocking, Microsoft will increase testing of hardware and driver combinations, using the artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover bugs faster, as well as improving the information available to system administrators. This move is currently a rumor, but in ZDNet They take it for granted and although miracles do not exist, something may also help the underlying problem.

Don’t expect, therefore, that the next version of Windows 10 will not bring another stream of mishaps; with not reaching the level of seen in the last you can settle. And if you don’t, if you don’t want to be “Microsoft’s guinea pig,” remember that you can delay the installation of Windows 10 updates. Of course this is not a solution either.

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