Microsoft wants to put data at the service of agriculture and food security in Africa


Amrote Abdella, Regional Director of Microsoft 4Afrika wrote an article titled “Data Driven Agriculture Can Solve Africa’s Food Security Problem”. She explained that advanced technologies are the royal road to a bright future for food in Africa. She particularly highlighted Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use it makes of data.

For Amrote Abdella, the advanced analyzes enabled by AI and machine learning can greatly contribute to the modernization of agricultural techniques on the continent. They can give farmers on the continent the right tools for optimal crop yields and lessening the effects of climate change.

“With agriculture providing 70% of livelihoods in Africa, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that all farming communities are equipped with the latest tools, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) ) and advanced computing, to improve productivity and sustainability across the industry, leveraging our extensive network of partnerships and initiatives ”, she said.

These different technologies allow better monitoring of soils and climate, as well as making good decisions about when, where and how much to plant on a given farm. This precision is a real revolution in food production.

Microsoft has also set up an application to democratize access to information in the field. Using a smartphone, farmers can learn about pest and soil diagnostics, market prices, agricultural news, success stories, weather, soil analysis and individualized suggestions. for maximum returns. The expected initial impact of this innovation is 100,000 users.

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