Microsoft unveils a mini console, the …


Microsoft announced Tuesday that it was preparing to release the Xbox S, a small version of its new line of consoles, in November, priced at $ 300. It is designed for games as software and services hosted online, instead of being stored on the device.

“The Xbox Series S. Last generation performance in the smallest Xbox,” the computer giant tweeted, after information leaked online.

The fall was already shaping up to be busy for Microsoft’s video games branch, with the launch of a games service via the cloud (remote computing) and the release of its latest generation console, the Xbox Series X.

xCloud, the cloud-based gaming platform, is slated to go live on September 15, starting with subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox’s subscription game library (on console or PC).

As for the new Xbox Series X, its price has not yet been announced, but the American media evoke a marketing of 500 dollars from November.

The PlayStation 5 is due out around the same time. Microsoft is hoping to take revenge on Sony, which has sold twice as many PlayStation 4s as it has sold Xboxes in recent years.

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