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After the end of the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, ‘El Sol’ fans learned more details of his life, not only professionally, but also personally. Among them, the relationship with his daughter Michelle Salas, who was born as a result of a fleeting romance with Stephanie Salas.

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The serie original de Netflix, starring Diego Boneta, He portrayed the moment when the star resumed his relationship with his daughter, whom he had stopped seeing for eleven years. Already turned into a teenager, Michelle Salas She is going to live with him and Aracely Ar├ímbula, mother of the two youngest children of ‘El Sol’.

The rapprochement between music star Y his daughter thanks were given to Alejandro Asensi, the singer’s former manager. In the series, Michelle and Alejandro begin to have a good relationship that turned into a romance. This did happen in real life and for a long time it was kept private until the entertainment media brought it to light.

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For more than 10 years, Alejandro Asensi Y Luis Miguel they worked together. They formed a good professional and friendly relationship. The singer’s former manager was responsible for bringing ‘El Sol’ closer to his first-born.

When Michelle Salas She moved to Los Angeles with her father and her then partner, it is known that the young woman began to have a strong friendship with Asensi. At that time, she was 19 years old and he 39. Apparently they started a love relationship, although nothing was confirmed, the rumors pointed to it.

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Rumors began to emerge when photographs of Michelle and Alejandro circulated on various dates: they were seen leaving shopping malls, they were seen in their father’s manager’s car, in a restaurant, etc.

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Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between his daughter and her manager bothered Luis Miguel, so he did not hesitate to separate them. (Photo: Getty Images)

Once the romance became known, sources close to the interpreter of “The unconditional” pointed out that he exploded in anger against his great friend since childhood and later his manager, which caused the end of their employment relationship.

But that was not all. The situation became more tense when the magazine Quien shared on its pages that Michelle Salas was pregnant with Alejandro Asensi, which caused the singer’s fury to increase.

The journalist of the aforementioned magazine pointed out that the young model was three months pregnant, although this was not confirmed, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After the rumors, Luis Miguel exploded against Asensi after learning about Michelle Salas’ pregnancy, with whom he also distanced from that moment and since then they have not been able to reconcile despite the model’s attempts to get closer to the singer.

Despite the rumors in the media and photos that circulated on social networks, that there has been a courtship between Alejandro Asensi and Michelle Salas is still unknown, since neither has confirmed or denied it.

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Rumors began to surface when photographs circulated on the Internet of Michelle and Alejandro strolling through the streets of Los Angeles.  (Photo: Getty Images)
Rumors began to surface when photographs circulated on the Internet of Michelle and Alejandro strolling through the streets of Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty Images)


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