Micheal Patrick Kelly live in Essen

You’ve been waiting for it for a long time, you were able to win tickets and today he finally performed. That’s how it was at the Michael Patrick Kelly concert.

© Jasmina Welter / Radio Essen

Concert in Essen: Michael Patrick Kelly live

“Wuhu, let’s make this”, Michael Patrick Kelly came onto the stage. After that there was a lot of applause and the atmosphere in the audience was great. The concert started promptly at 8 p.m. Among the titles played were not only top hits like “Blury Eyes” and “Beautyful Madness” but also very personal songs and cover songs. Michael Patrick Kelly plays them for his family, the Kelly Family. Regardless of the song, the audience swings, sings and dances along. Then the sunset in the background, all in all a nice picture of the stage.

© Benedikt Kaninski / Radio Essen

Food: Michael Patrick Kelly fans are happy

Many of you who won tickets from us were simply enthusiastic about the concert. Some have been fans since day one. Others became aware of him through his latest songs from the album BOATS. At the end there was also a marriage proposal between two songs and she said yes. Anyone who couldn’t get a ticket could at least watch the live stream on our site from 8 p.m.



Radio Essen interview with Michael Patrick Kelly

Angela Hecker from the Radio Essen early shift was able to intercept Michael Patrick Kelly after the concert and ask him a few questions. He patiently told us how excited he was about the concert, the atmosphere and the fans, who were able to sing along with the lyrics to many of the songs. His highlight, however, was the marriage proposal.

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