Miami: Letter sent to residents of the building three months before the collapse warned that damage was accelerating

Three months before the collapse of a part of the residential building in Miami that has left, so far, 11 dead and 150 missing the direct board of Champlain Towers South had warned residents, through a letter, that “The observable damage … has worsened significantly since the initial inspection” in 2018.

“The deterioration of concrete is accelerating. The roof situation got much worse, so extensive repairs had to be incorporated “, details the letter shipped April 9, 2021 by the president Jean Wodnicki.

Wodnicki describes the situation of the building in the text. “When you can see the cracked concrete, that means the rebar that holds it together is rusting and deteriorating below the surface.”

Due to this situation, a budget of US $ 15 million had been approved in April to complete the repairs, and whose payment was due to begin on July 1, according to the US network CNN.

The owners would have had to pay appraisals ranging from US $ 80,000 for one-bedroom units to US $ 336,000, according to a document sent to residents of the building.

12-story building collapsed early Thursday in Surfside, 20 km away. from downtown Miami and after that a process of searching for survivors began.

Braving the high temperatures and humidity, Florida first responders, supported by teams from Israel and Mexico, searched the remains of the 55 apartments reduced to rubble.

“In the last hours, our rescuers recovered another victim. In total, the number of people counted is now 136. With 150 missing. The number of confirmed deaths is 11. Tragically, 11 “, said in a press conference the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava.

The Miami-Dade fire marshal, Andy alvarez, declared to the chain ABC that “holes inside the building” had been found where survivors could be found. “We cling to that hope that we can rescue someone alive,” he said.

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