Mexican Hachiko, the dog that waits for its owner in the Metro La Raza.

“Always by your side” is a film that moved locals and strangers alike with the story of Hachikoperformed by a dog of the breed Akita and which was starred by the American actor Richard Gere.

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The film is based on the true story of Hachikoa dog that accompanied his owner, the teacher, every day Hidesaburo Uenoto the Japanese station of Shibuya where he waited for him until he returned from his work day, until one day he died and the loin stayed waiting for his master until his death.

The story of the ‘Hachiko of La Raza’

A similar story has gone viral on social networks and would take place neither more nor less than in Mexico where he ‘Hachiko of La Raza‘ became famous for waiting day and night outside the line 3 of Metro Public Transport System to its owner who passed away.

Dogs are cataloged as man’s best friends and it is not for less because the loins never cease to impress us; however, it is also known that Mexico there is an overpopulation of stray dogs, so it is common to find stories of puppies that have gone viral like the ‘Hachiko of La Raza’.

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They spread PHOTO of alleged head of a dog in CDMX taqueria.

the blog of Instagram Chronicles Chilangas was in charge of sharing the story of the ‘Mexican Hachiko’, That’s how it started to go viral.

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Through your account Instagram, Crónicas Chilangas stressed that the little dog waits every day at the foot of the entrance to the station The race despite the inclement weather and crowds.

The tender loin appears in the publication sitting at the entrance of the subway station and the image was accompanied by the following text: “Reality surpasses fiction. The neighbors say that this puppy waited for its owner every day, one day she did not return because of an illness that blinded her life and the puppy still waits day and night for her owner to appear down the stairs of the station to receive her with that unconditional love that only they know how to give”.

How did the networks react?

As expected, the publication caught the attention of Internet users and users of the Metro La Razawho were present with comments such as: “Hachiko of La Raza‘”, “Say No to animal abuse and indifference”, “They deserve all our love, respect and care, puppies are the purest and most unconditional love”, “Hachiko Mexican”, “Oh God!!! Beings so noble and so defenseless, they show us what the master is”.

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