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Metronomy has released a new song “Things Will Be Fine” with a music video from the upcoming new album.

“Things Will Be Fine” will be included in the new “Small World” released on February 18th.

The music video is directed by Juliet Casera and Cheebo Caesar and is described as “a hymn to teen nostalgia.”

Click here for the music video for “Things Will Be Fine”.

Frontman Joe Mount describes the music video as “a kind of pseudo-role-playing therapy that revisits you as a teenager.”

“Everyone is more hurt than before making this music video. Spring except Michael Lovett and his guinea pig.”

“Things Will Be Fine” is a follow-up to “It’s Good To Be Back” released in October last year.

Regarding “It’s Good To Be Back,” frontman Joe Mount said: “When I was a kid, I was sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car and thought that the music my parents played in the car was’this is terrible’, but I remembered that one or two songs were my favorite songs. I thought it would be fun to make such an album. A song that kids would love. This is a “cool” song. “

The track list of the album is as follows.

1. Life and Death
2. Things will be fine
3. It’s good to be back
4. Loneliness on the run
5. Love Factory
6. I lost my mind
7. Right on time
8. Hold me tonight
9. I have seen enough

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