Messi continues to support the confrontation against Corona in Argentina


Sport 360- Argentine star Lionel Messi, captain, continued BarcelonaHis support for the confrontation efforts against the emerging corona virus “Covid-19” in his country, Argentina, which has been severely affected by the crisis.

Messi donates respirators to hospitals in Argentina

According to a report published Spanish newspaper, Marca Messi donated fifty ventilators to hospitals in his country, to ensure they are ready to deal with the crisis and the increasing number of injured.

The report indicated that Argentina, like the rest of South America, witnessed high rates of infection, with 5,000 deaths due to the virus, out of 250,000 confirmed cases.

He indicated that this step comes to support the medical sector in Argentina, especially in his city, Rosario, and to ensure that it is ready with equipment to confront the virus.

This was not the first step for Messi in this regard, as the report stated that Messi had donated 500 thousand euros to help people suffering from the virus.

This comes a few days after the announcement of Messi’s donation in favor of supporting the educational system in Syria, and supporting the education of children by providing the necessary means for them to obtain the required quality education.

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