Messaging app for criminals, maxi police operation frames 800 criminals all over the world

An application of messaging snapshot for criminals only, used to organize assassinations, drug and arms trafficking. This is the stratagem with which the FBI, the American federal police, managed to frame and arrest 800 thugs in 18 countries around the world. All presumed members of criminal organizations linked to drug trafficking and beyond. The messaging app called ANoM was, in fact, falsely encrypted and was created by the FBI with the cover of a front company that was circulated among criminal circles. So more and more people started using it. The operation involved a total of 15 countries, including several EU countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Just like a “trojan” (hence the name of the operation Trojan Shield) once installed on mobile phones of criminals, the app gave investigators access to all of their content. THE 27 million messages available to the authorities requested 18 months to be examined.

The whole infiltration operation is game in 2018 and led to the conclusion of “hundreds of police operations on a global scale, with impressive results”, the deputy director of operations of Europol, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe. “A criminal had to know another criminal to obtain this material,” Australian police explained. And the turning point was when the drug trafficker Australian wanted Hakan Ayik recommended the app to its associates. The messages that the different members of crime exchanged on deliveries, loads or murders were direct and without nuance.

The main figures of organized crime, defined as “criminal influencer” gives Reece Kershaw, head of the Australian Federal Police, they therefore guaranteed its integrity. In addition to the 800 arrests, more than 30 tons drugs e 250 weapons by fire, as well as 48 million dollars between national currencies of various countries and cryptocurrencies. Only in Australia did the operation lead to the arrest of 224 people, to the seizure of 3.7 tons drugs and nearly $ 35 million in cash. According to the Australian authorities, most of the people arrested are part of gangs of criminals, of the Australian mafia and of Asian criminal organizations and has also served to uncover six clandestine laboratories and to prevent money laundering operations around the world.

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