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The scriptwriter of ‘Football Days’ or ‘We have to talk’, David serrano, reappears to announce a musical ‘bomb’: soon to start recording a new theatrical ‘show’ from the hand of the most classic, well-known and popular songs of ‘Hombres G’, with Apaches production.

A news that has exclusively revealed the Twitter account of the band led by David Sumemrs, vocalist of the group. “#Exclusive. The scriptwriter and director, DAVID SERRANO, @ serranodavid75 will shoot a musical with songs by @H HombresG with the production of Apaches (Enrique Lavigne) @ApachesEntertai @enriquelavigne @DavidSummersHG @Dani_Mezquita @rafahg @JaviMolinaHG “.

What’s more, the fusion of the songs of ‘Hombres G’, on the one hand, and the ideas of Serrano on the otherThey have all the earmarks of being a hit at the theater box office. For his part, the scriptwriter has already tried his luck in other artistic and cultural spheres by taking them to the theater stages. David Serrano scripted the film “One more hour in the Canary Islands”, starring Quim Gutiérrez, Angie Cepeda, Juana Acosta and Miren Ibarguren.

In addition, his scripts have also been present in other musical hits such as the Spanish version of ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Today I can’t get up’, a musical that recreated the classic songs of ‘Mecano’Therefore, Serrano already has more than experience in this field.

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The ‘G Men’ do not rest

One of the most beloved groups in recent years, ‘Marlon’, has announced a news that has pleasantly surprised all his followers. This pop rock group has not stopped growing since it began and, this time he is going to cover one of his best known songs, ‘Mi Macarena’.

But, in addition to announcing this new version, there is an even bigger surprise if possible. “My Macarena !! We have grown up with the songs of Hombres G, they have been one of the biggest reference groups for us, quite guilty that we do what we do !! This cover, that name on it and the voice that sounds in this song for us is a dream! Thank you @davidsummersoficial for doing it with so much love. Today we are children again. 07-23-2021. Cover and illustration x @velososilvia ”, they have said from their Instagram profile.

The impeccable career of David Serrano

Director, producer, screenwriter and film, theater and musical theater adapter. He has written the scripts for the film “The Other Side of the Bed”, of which a ‘remake’ was made in France and a play premiered in several countries, and its sequel “Both sides of the bed”.

As a film director and scriptwriter, he has made “Football Days”, one of the biggest box office successes in Spanish cinema and which earned him the nomination as New Director for the Goya Awards.

As an associate producer he has worked on the films “Poor quality people” and “Pagafantas”.

He is the author of the librettos of highly successful musical theater works such as: “Today I can not get up”, premiered twice in Spain and another two in Mexico, “Anonymous lovers” and he has written and directed, in his productions for Spain and Argentina “More than 100 lies”. In theater he has adapted, co-produced and directed the plays “Good people” (Tony Award 2011), “Constant rain”, “The Venus of the furs” and “Agony and ecstasy of Steve Jobs”. He has also made adaptations of the works “Days of wine and roses”, “Elling”, “Tierra del fuego” and “Under therapy”, and has collaborated in the production of several more works.

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