.meme-nto .week: Brown bear on SNP

they established the bar fairly large. I don’t know how they want to beat it following calendar year. Miroslav Suja in a beret amongst partisans is the most profitable parody of Slovak history of the twentieth century.

Existence isn’t really fair. Many humorists expend sleepless nights in research of absurd photographs that they attract from small human weaknesses. And then there are all-natural talents that attain the identical. They do not even know about it. Miroslav Suja is presently the winner in the purely natural comedian classification. A brown bear that Republicans choose to numerous situations all around Slovakia to entertain the general public.

During the SNP celebrations, they surpassed all earlier achievements. This yr, a deputy associated with the mafia, the liberal Inexperienced Celebration, fascists from the ĽSNS sat in the to start with row of anti-fascist fighters. He hence recalled the effectively-recognized put up-war traditions of the Slovak people today. The major fascists promptly following the war became the largest partisans.

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