Members of the DPR Ask the Government to respond to the Pangdam Jaya suggestion regarding the disbandment of FPI

by, Jakarta Member of Commission I DPR RI Maj. Gen. retired TNI TNI TB Hasanuddin highlighted the suggestion of the Pangdam Jaya TNI Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurachman to disband the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) organization.

According to him, there are procedures that must be followed for the dissolution of an organization. However, the competent government must hear the proposal.

“I think this must be responded to by the state. If it turns out that this FPI mass organization is proven to have violated it and then it must be disbanded, just dissolve it, don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid,” TB Hasanuddin in a written statement, Saturday (11/21/2020).

The PDIP politician also agreed with the Jakarta Military Commander’s firm stance in ordering TNI soldiers to bring down billboards with the image of the FPI leader, Rizieq Shihab, at a number of points in the capital, which were considered to have violated regulations.

“As a former TNI soldier, I agree and appreciate the firm action taken by the Pangdam Jaya to lower Rizieq Shihab’s billboards,” he said.

According to him, based on the main tasks and functions (tupoksi), it is indeed Satpol PP that has the obligation to lower billboards. However, if the Satpol PP cannot bring order, the TNI can help.

“Therefore, there must be a measure of decisive action and it is carried out by the TNI, which has the support of many Indonesian citizens,” said TB Hasanuddin.

This is because if parties other than the apparatus order the FPI billboard with Rizieq Shihab’s picture, it is feared that it will trigger horizontal conflicts.

“If the reduction of billboards is carried out by the community or other mass organizations, there could be bloody clashes or lead to horizontal conflicts. So I think this TNI action is very appropriate when the other apparatus is silent,” he explained.


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