Melbourne confines its five million inhabitants for a regrowth


Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, with around five million inhabitants, will undergo a six-week confinement after Wednesday after a Covid-19 outbreak.

The local authorities announced yesterday the measure recommended by Health in order to control the expansion of new cases detected, many of which have been caused by local infections and several in unknown outbreaks.

This outbreak, which began to worsen two weeks ago and has already exceeded 1,000 cases, is attributed to the failure to comply with the restriction measures in the quarantine centers established for travelers from abroad.

“We are in a more precarious position, more challenging and potentially more tragic than where we were a few months ago,” said the head of the Executive of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews. In addition to the Melbourne metropolitan area, the regional government also ordered the isolation of the rural Mitchell township of some 44,000 residents.

Australia, with just over 8,500 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic, including 106 deaths, had managed to contain the spread of the virus to the current outbreak.

The oceanic country, whose borders remain closed except for special and repatriation flights, has implemented physical distance measures since March, although it was already in the last phase of lack of confidence towards the new normality. While Australia’s policies, which banned meetings of more than two people, were not as harsh as in other countries affected by the pandemic.

Reconfinement in Melbourne will be stricter. The inhabitants will not be able to travel to their second residences although they will be able to leave the home to go to work, shop, study or go to the doctor.


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