Meatless: make cheese and mushroom patties in 20 minutes!

The table of empanadas It is one of the easiest and most useful recipes that exists, to have on hand and fill with the vegetables or meat that you like. The truth is that this prescription travels all over the world, although it is originally from South America. In Argentina, the empanadas cut with the knife, meat with onion, olives are very famous and in certain regions they have potatoes, raisins and other peculiarities that each territory represents. Each country has its own recipe, which highlights local products and highlights the virtues of its geography.

The empanadas it can be done whatever you want! There are empanadas of: cheese, vegetables, ground meat, blood sausage, shrimp, cheese, ham, corn or corn, onion, you can even make the empanada with textured soy! They are a true delight, below we share all the details to solve this preparation.


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