MBC News | Mania shoots 4000 photos!Everyone is messing around with the baby eastern wolf

The mania is 4000 shots!Everyone is messing around with the baby eastern wolf[06/23 19:46]

Five eastern wolf babies born in Hirakawa Zoo in Kagoshima City in April were opened to the public on the 23rd.

Five eastern wolf babies, one male and four female, were released in April. Names related to nature such as maple and mugwort were given to people who want them to grow up freely while feeling nature.

When I was born, I was about 20 centimeters long, but now I have more than doubled to 50 centimeters and weighed about 7 kilograms. The spectators were also mesmerized by the appearance of her mother spoiling her and running around energetically.

(School trip student from Miyazaki)

“The sleeping face is cute”

“It’s fluffy and small and cute compared to adult wolf.”

(People from Izumi City)

“I was on my honeymoon (I came). I was so cute playing around and sleeping. I was lucky (to be seen).”

A wolf maniac man from Tokyo …

“I took 4000 photos, maybe there are more. Everyone is dumpling. I’m looking forward to it.”

(Mr. Yuichiro Matsumoto, in charge of the eastern wolf at Hirakawa Zoo)

“The childish and unpleasant appearance disappears when it grows up, so now is the best chance.”

The baby eastern wolf is currently brownish in color, but gradually approaches the same white or gray color as its parents.

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