Mayuko Saeki, the representative of Vieris, has been appointed as an advisor to the “Animal SOS Project”, an animal cruelty prevention support measure undertaken by the Christel Foundation | Press release of Vieris Co., Ltd.

This project aims to spread the fact that animal cruelty is a felony and prevent animal cruelty and the problems that arise from it. Vieris, a project partner, conducts enlightenment and educational activities together to prevent the chain of abuse and violence such as animal cruelty, child abuse, and violence against women, and joint seminars, etc., mainly in the fields of human resources education and enlightenment. We are planning to carry out.

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  • Mayuko Saeki, Representative of Vieris Co., Ltd. | Comment

This time, I was appointed as an advisor to the “Animal SOS Project”, an animal cruelty prevention support measure undertaken by the Christel Foundation. We, Vieris, regard social problems as our own problems and are making various efforts so that each person can voluntarily think about social contribution. We have distributed the WELCOME PET CAMPAIGN enlightenment booklet to inform the existence of protected dogs and cats, installed life-sized dog and cat panels in salons nationwide, and protected through Foster Academy to learn know-how for volunteering. We have supported the Panel for Life, which promotes the transfer of dogs and protected cats. With participation in this project, we hope that each of us will become a human resource who can take one step action with compassion for others through various seminars, and that that action will spread to society. I hope.

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  • Animal SOS Project | Enlightenment animation video “Can you see it?”

In the official YouTube channel of the Christel Foundation:

Draft: Christel Takigawa (Christel Vi Ensemble)
Director: Kentaro Osawa (CONNECTION)
Screenplay: Asami Sunada (Banfuku)
Animation: Taku Furukawa
Music: Makoto Ozone appears by the courtesy of Universal Classics & Jazz, a division of UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC
Voice: Kou Shibasaki (friendship appearance)
Sound effects: Masataka Ota, Koeda Horimoto (MUSE CREA)
Cooperation: Hitomi Daiho

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We have started calling for support for this animation video and picture book production on the crowdfunding site READYFOR. We look forward to your support and support.

  • Christel Takigawa, CEO of Christel Foundation | Comment

Since its establishment in 2014, Christel Vi Ensemble has been aiming to improve animal welfare and eliminate the culling of dogs and cats, “Project Zero”, and protect endangered species at the top of the ecosystem. We have continued our activities on both sides of “Project Red”, which supports organizations working on biodiversity conservation.
Amid concerns about not only animal cruelty but also child abuse and increased violence against women in the Corona disaster, the 2019 Animal Welfare and Management Act has been severely punished for animal cruelty. However, the response to animal cruelty depends largely on the police and local governments in each region, and the response varies from region to region.
In conjunction with the enforcement of the revised Animal Welfare and Management Law (* 1) on June 1, 2021, the Foundation has a new project “Animal SOS Project-Save One’s Smile Abuse-Free” on awareness and support for the prevention of animal cruelty. We will start “World”.
We aim to create a society in which abuse and violence are reduced by not only relying on stricter punishment due to law revisions and the response of each local government, but also taking action one step further without overlooking each of us.

This project announcement video Full version / URL:


  • Group profile / Company profile

Group name: Christel Vi Ensemble (
Representative: Christel Takigawa, Representative Director
Location: Minami Aoyama Reheim 608, 2-29-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: May 2014
Activities: Awareness and support projects related to improving animal welfare and zero culling of dogs and cats, and endangered species at the top of the ecosystem
Support projects for organizations that protect species and work on biodiversity conservation, etc.

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Company name: Vielis Co., Ltd. (
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Maeko Saeki
Location: Barbizon8 8F, 2-1-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051

Capital: 30 million yen
Number of employees: 1,200 (as of the end of June 2020)
Business: Operates “Kireimo”, a full-body hair removal beauty salon, and manufactures and sells original cosmetics.
Operation of “Men’s Beauty”, a hair removal salon exclusively for men
Operation of total beauty care “Kireimo Premium”
Operation of personalized body make-up gym “Plus Me”
Service URL:

* 1 Compliance standards stipulated by the Ministerial Ordinance on Animal Care Management Standards for Animal Handling Business under the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals (structure / scale of breeding facilities, number of employees and number of animals raised, environmental management, number of breeding / selection / method, etc.)


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