May 26th (Wednesday) Super Total Lunar Eclipse Appreciation with Jazz Concert | Press Release of Pet Village

Pet Village (Representative Director: Ayumi Tanaka aims to achieve zero culling of dogs and cats and to create a “sacred place” for people and pets.
Taking advantage of the vast site of about 120,000 tsubo, we started an event business from May 1st this year where dogs and their owners can participate together.
As the first night event on May 26th (Wednesday), we will hold an event where you can listen to jazz while watching the super total lunar eclipse.

The venue, Pet Village’s dog run for large dogs, boasts a site area of ​​about 5,000 tsubo, which is one of the largest in Japan, and is characterized by a slope that can hold a sled competition. This time, this slope will be used as a seat for the audience, and live jazz music will reverberate from the stage below the slope. At night events, the daytime dog run will be reborn as a place for music and moon star viewing. In addition, since the total area of ​​the site is the size of nine Tokyo Domes, there are no buildings around it, creating a natural planetarium environment.

Taking advantage of this location, we plan to hold night events to appreciate the moon and stars, such as during the new moon and full moon.
The first of these is the Super Total Lunar Eclipse with Jazz Concert to be held on May 26th (Wednesday).
Only Pet Village can enjoy super total lunar eclipse and jazz with your dog!
You can also enjoy freshly baked pizza using special cheese on the day.
Please come to Pet Village with your dog on May 26th (Wednesday) ♪

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▽ Super total lunar eclipse with JAZZ concert Event outline ▽

■ Date: May 26, 2021 (Wednesday) 18: 00-22: 00 Free entry and exit (last admission 20:00)
Jazz concert from 19:45 to 20:45
We also recommend the sunset from around 18:00!
■ Venue: Pet Village (102 Ukairinan, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture) Dog run for large dogs
■ Price: 2,200 yen per adult (free for dogs)
→ Included in the price: Admission, 1 freshly baked pizza with special cheese, 1 soft drink
■ Parking: 500 cars (free parking)
■ JAZZ Concert Guest: Saxophonist Kunihiko Nishibe
Jazz pianist Yoko Baba

[What is a pet village]
It is one of the largest shelters in the world in terms of site area, created as a place where people and pets coexist with the aim of zero culling of dogs and cats on a vast site equivalent to nine Tokyo Domes (120,000 tsubo).
Pet Village has four challenges.
1) To zero culling:
Rescue pets that are abandoned and disposed of by their owners and send them to a new family.
2) For the health and purpose of life of the elderly:
I hope that the number of elderly people who have changed their daily routine from going to the hospital to walking their pets will increase. We will provide a mechanism that allows you to easily keep pets without worrying about not being able to keep pets due to health concerns.
3) Rich children:
By touching life from a young age and feeling the preciousness of life and the responsibility of keeping a pet, we will nurture the richness of our hearts.
4) For employment of vulnerable groups:
I would like to ask those who are in a socially vulnerable position to take care of their pets at Pet Village.
First of all, we are working from Iwate prefecture with the idea of ​​achieving zero culling, and currently we have 60 dogs and 74 cats.
We are protecting.

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General Foundation Pet Village
Representative Director Ayumi Tanaka
Establishment date March 11, 2014
Location 102 Ukairinan, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0682
Phone number 019-601-7775
First-class animal handling business registration number and type
Shengkuobaobao No. 00023 (custodial) Shengkuobaozhan No. 00005 (display)


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