Matkapital can be used for private education

Maternity capital – the money that a family receives for the birth of the first, second, third and subsequent children, can now be used to pay for educational services provided by individual entrepreneurs. The relevant law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This year, the amount of maternity capital at the birth of the first child is 524.5 thousand rubles. At the birth of a second child – 693.1 thousand rubles, if the family did not receive maternity capital for the first child, and 168.6 thousand rubles, if it was issued. Traditionally, families use this money to improve housing conditions and pay mortgages. It was also possible to use this money to buy a land plot, repair a house. Now with these funds it will be possible to pay for the education of children in honest kindergartens and schools. The main thing is that these educational institutions have a state license for educational activities.


Maternal capital is issued to families as part of the Demography national project, which is designed for 2019-2024.

Mona Platonov.

Photo by Moskovskaya Pravda

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