Maternity capital will grow by 3.7% in 2021 – Economy and business


MOSCOW, September 14. / TASS /. Maternity capital in 2021 will be indexed by 3.7%, its size will be 483,882 rubles for the first child and 639,432 rubles for the second. This was reported to TASS on Monday by the press service of the Ministry of Labor.

“Accordingly, the size of the maternity capital in 2021 will be 483,882 rubles for the first child, 639,432 rubles for the second child; if the first family received maternity capital, the amount of the additional payment for the second child will be 155,550 rubles,” the ministry said, referring to the draft budget of the Russian Pension Fund for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023 prepared by him.

The draft budget was prepared by the Pension Fund based on the forecast parameters of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

The press service added that maternity capital in 2021 will be able, according to the Ministry of Labor, to receive 1.2 million families. “In total, funds in the amount of 443.3 billion rubles are planned for maternity capital in 2021,” the ministry said. It is noted that the size of maternity capital will be indexed based on the forecast inflation rate of 3.7%.

Currently, the amount of maternity capital is 466,617 rubles for the first child and 616,617 rubles for the second child.

The news was edited (September 15 at 14:59 Moscow time) – the information in the first quote is being specified.

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