Matam: 11 schools and establishments named after local personalities, “ men of value ”

Matam, June 27 (APS) – Eleven schools and establishments in the municipality of Matam (north) were named on Saturday after people considered to be “ men of value ” who have marked their land through their career and their actions, of benevolence and beneficence.

According to the Minister of National Education Mamadou Talla, sponsor of this ceremony, by deciding to have these schools and establishments sponsored, “it is the community in all its components which pays a deserved tribute to these men of value, who marked their land through their actions, their work of benevolence, charity and their background “.

At the same time, it is a matter of offering them as a model “to all young people who need to be inspired by them, to drink from their source in order to acquire the behaviors of citizenship, citizenship, citizenship and patriotism, ”he said.

The official ceremony, held in the enclosure of the cultural center of Matam, recorded the presence of the governor of the region, the sponsors, the mayor of the commune, education actors as well as the parents of the missing godparents.

The Minister of National Education underlined the “relevance” of this ceremony which, he said, is in line with the framework of the presidential council held in Matam on June 15, during which the President of the Republic Macky Sall “has taken important measures through achievements and projects in all sectors including education to put the region of Matam on the ramp of development and emergence.”

Also “it is thanks to the collaboration of each other”, through their various actions, that the President of the Republic was led to sign decrees formalizing the name of the eleven establishments and schools concerned, said Mamadou Talla.

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