Masters snooker 2022 LIVE: Neil Robertson faces Mark Williams in first semifinal before Judd Trump meets Barry Hawkins

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14: 00-17: 30

Robertson-Williams 4-5 (83-0)

Then, heading to a decisive frame and Robertson in search of a break of a century


“I promise I will have help and become a better person” – Selby’s battle for mental health


Robertson-Williams 4-5 (67-0)

The shooting time dropped to 13 seconds. It seems to be moving towards the decision maker.

Robertson-Williams 4-5 (45-0)

This time Robertson was attacked by a wasp. Flies and wasps, but the Aussie is unflappable as he tries to force the decisive shot.

Robertson-Williams 4-5 (25-0)

Robertson is going strong at exactly the right time here as he hides another signature long red, but it quickly breaks at nine. Williams makes a mess of a safety shot and is again a problem in this frame.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (108-23)

Average shooting time of 17 seconds in this break. Too easy for Robertson. Williams got a trick wrong in this frame. He leads 5-4. A break of 95 closes the gap.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (34-23)

I would be very surprised if Robertson didn’t finish the picture in his favor on this visit.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (29-23)

Well, what a lack. The misplaced black rattles in the jaws and suddenly Robertson has the table at his mercy. The pressure of the moment.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (13-22)

Here’s that key Williams stroke of luck in the previous frame. Good time to get a fluke made better by your 91 breaking it. Drill home a long-range red from a bad safety by Robertson. What a chance this is.

Robertson-Williams 3-5 (5-0)

Williams fails to pick a long red and hasn’t even run to safety. It presents Robertson with the first goal chance of the ninth frame.

Robertson-Williams 3-5 (0-0)

So far 2200 fans have loved this match. We are ready for the ninth frame. Robertson appears to be unhappy with the excess noise.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-91)

So that lucky break will cost Robertson the frame without doing anything wrong. It was a pressure on this visit for Williams, but they went along with the job excellently. Looking for an extra frame from the last three to win. 91 break from Williams.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-41)

Williams is back in the running here after that stroke of luck. Huge moments in this match for the “Welsh potting machine”.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-14)

Williams tried to play it safe. White connects with red on the way up before red falls into the center pocket. How lucky that is. Possibility for Williams to reassert himself thanks to that stroke of luck.

Robertson-Williams 3-4 (0-0)

83 from the Australian this time. There was a possible 142 there, but he will be content with cutting the deficit. On the return we enter the eighth frame of a thrilling semifinal.

Robertson-Williams 2-4 (69-0)

The Melbourne man eliminated these reds with ease. He looked 5-1 behind but will return to 4-3 adrift. Picking up the pace and it could be a second century afternoon.

Robertson-Williams 2-4 (20-0)

Robertson’s brilliant shot to open the red pack from a blue. The reds are out in the open. Great chance to score in this frame.

Robertson-Williams 2-4 (0-0)

We then move on to the seventh frame. Such a pivotal frame on the way.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (71-46)

Nice finish from the Australian. Robertson is unhappy with something in the arena. Williams should have won the frame, but he doesn’t. Surprising mistake.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (46-46)

All nerves come to the fore as Williams fails to pocket a red in a central pocket. Ugly young lady. Robertson beats in the red and looks ready to go 4-2 behind.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (37-25)

It really isn’t Robertson’s day so far. He missed a straight red. He seemed distracted by the rattle of glass. Williams gave it another chance and today almost missed an easy ball, but the Welshman missed a straight red in the center. Not sure if he had a bad contact, but then Robertson misses the black routine. Incredible scenes.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (20-103)

Robertson gives him the Australian salute in an attempt to get rid of an Ally Pally fly, but it’s much harder to put Williams aside. He is two frames from the Masters final with a closing 60 enough for 4-1

Robertson-Williams 1-3 (20-62)

Robertson’s huge mistake. He tried to play it safe, but ends up bumping into the pack from the top cushion. He opens the frame and this should be a 4-1 lead for the Welshman.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (20-43)

Some nice pots from Robertson, but he drops to 20. Williams with a 23 lead, six reds left.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (11-43)

Not enough from Williams in two visits. 43-0 net, but the counterattack will come from Robertson. What will it do?

Robertson 1-3 Williams (0-30)

Robertson left with a red in a center pocket, but he can’t fit the object ball. Miss surprising. Really amazing. Williams with another good chance to increase his lead.

Robertson-Williams 1-3 (0-0)

Genuine quality so far from Williams in this match.

Robertson-Williams 1-3 (0-0)

The Welsh icon takes the frame. What a steal that is from Williams. Majestic level of play. An advantage for 3-1. Yellow was the key. 53-60 with 60 that exceed 52. We are halfway through the session.

Robertson-Williams 1-2 (53-42)

This is remarkable on Williams’ part. Vintage performance level so far. Enter yellow in the mid-range. Any chance to steal this frame.

Robertson-Williams 1-2 (53-8)

Williams can’t cut a red at the start of the fourth frame and Robertson looks like he’s going to punish the Welsh player until he misses a pink from the spot. Miss surprising. 53 inside with 67 on the left.

Robertson-Williams 1-2 (1-0)

The crowd loves it. Breaks of 59 and 71. Williams is the man with the plan of action at the moment before Robertson moves with a red at the start. Final frame before the mid-session interval.

Robertson 1-1 Williams (4-71)

Float in another mid-range red to keep moving the break. It looks like he is taking the lead 2-1.

Robertson 1-1 Williams (4-71)

Williams back to the table in the third frame. Walking around the table like he’s out on the golf course watching a putt on the green. Fold a bright bang around the pink to fit the red together. This is wonderful stuff.

Selby reveals a battle for mental health

The world champion tweeted today after his 6-1 defeat to Barry Hawkins in last night’s quarter-finals. Obviously it doesn’t sound great and I wish him well for a speedy recovery. He is expected to return to action against Li Hang in the first round of Shoot Out on Thursday in his hometown of Leicester.

“I just want to apologize to all my friends and family for letting them down,” Selby said on Twitter. “Mentally not in a good place right now, I’ve had a relapse and trying to bottle it up and take on a brave face is not the right path. I promise I’ll have help and become a better person.”

Selby was ferocious by the nature of her defeat to Hawkins. You can read about here: “Trash, I overturned” – Selby slams the “pathetic” exit of Masters on Hawkins

Robertson-Williams 1-1 (0-0)

We are 1-1 in this semifinal. Stunning stuff from the Welshman to win his first frame. It’s warming up nicely out there.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-81)

Williams with a timely brace on red. 60 points clear with 59 remaining. He should level this match as he puts in another red. Frame all over. 1-1.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-58)

Another superb recovery plate on a black from the three-time world champion. Up to 55 before he gets out of position. Nice perk, but far from finished framing before Williams chooses a delicious cut on a red. This has been a hiatus so far.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-17)

Williams with a fluke on red from the edge of another red who attempts a double before rolling into a black. Nice cut on black before it rolls into another red. Real chance to score some points here.

Robertson-Williams 0-0 (103-22)

Tons! A 102 to start with Robertson. How good was it? Really about it from the start. Robertson calm, composed and calculating between the balls. He leads 1-0.

Robertson-Williams 0-0 (57-22)

This is very impressive from the Aussie. He wasted his one chance with some ease. It looks like 1-0 on the way.

Robertson-Williams 0-0 (0-22)

An opportunity missed by Williams when a white makes a career in the group of reds with the red that does not fall, but left nothing for the Melburnian.

Robertson-Williams 0-0 (0-7)

Robertson kicks off this first semifinal of the 48th Masters. Robertson breakup error. Williams with a red over a central pocket and first chance to score.

Robertson overtakes Rocket

The 2010 world champion completed a 6-4 triumph over Ronnie O’Sullivan in the round of 16.

‘What a start’ – Robertson wins the first frame against O’Sullivan with an extraordinary 138

A reception for the ages

Enjoy this little slice of pool magic from Williams’ 6-5 win over John Higgins on Thursday night.

“Just great stuff, it really is!” – Williams and Higgins receive a warm welcome before the final frame

Robertson looking for good wishes

When Neil Robertson won his first and only Masters crown a decade ago, he defeated Mark Williams 6-4 in the quarterfinals in the first year the tournament was moved to Alexandra Palace from Wembley. Williams’ last key win over this distance against the Australian came with a 6-5 win in the 2011 Shanghai Masters semi-finals.

Good afternoon

We are all ready for the first semifinal at London’s Alexandra Palace as former Masters champions Neil Robertson And Marco Williams confront. The second semifinal will be seen Judd Trump encounter Barry Hawkins tonight at 19.00. About 4,000 fans inside the Ally Pally for these fights in a real pool Super Saturday. Let’s take the kids down.

“Trash, I Flipped” – Selby slams Masters ‘pathetic’ exit on Hawkins

Marco Selby was fierce about his performance in the aftermath of his shocking 6-1 defeat to a close friend Barry Hawkins Friday night in the quarter-finals of the Masters at Alexandra Palace.

The world champion and world number one has been a shadow of himself in suffering an irritating exit at the sport’s largest invitation event, a tournament he won three times in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Selby failed to record an over 50 break and was defeated in the safety department when Hawkins secured a semi-final Saturday night with the 2019 winner Judd Trump despite having played well within himself, he highlights being modest hits of 65 and 58.

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“Trash, I Flipped” – Selby slams Masters ‘pathetic’ exit on Hawkins



Hawkins stuns the dull Selby to reach the semifinals of the Masters


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