Masks, recruitment, baccalaureate … What to remember from Jean-Michel Blanquer’s announcements after the teachers’ strike

For more than three hours, the unions were received this Thursday evening at the Ministry of National Education. The goal: to ease tensions after a day of strong mobilization. At the end of this meeting, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced several measures.

The meeting will have lasted more than three hours, this Thursday evening at the Ministry of National Education. After the strong mobilization of educational personnel throughout the country, the government took care to receive the teachers’ unions.

A meeting led by the Prime Minister

This strike within the National Education was particularly followed: with 38.5% of strikers according to the ministry and 75% according to the first primary school union, this mobilization is the largest since 2019.

Three members of the government were present at this meeting: the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of Health by videoconference, Olivier Véran himself suffering from Covid, and the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, who led the meeting, at the express request of the unions.

At the end of this marathon meeting, the Minister of National Education spoke and announced several measures.

5 million FFP2 masks, recruitments…

Jean Michel Blanquer promised the upcoming availability of 5 million FFP2 type masks “distributed in the school system”. To compensate for the absence of teachers, educational assistants and administrative staff, contact cases or cases affected by the Covid, the minister announced the recruitment of 3,300 contract workers. For this, the ministry will have “recourse to the additional lists, of the people present on the lists of the competitions”.

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The Minister also promised the recruitment of 1,500 educational assistants. The management of school life has indeed been made particularly complicated since the start of the health crisis.

In addition to this measure, long requested by teachers, Jean-Michel Blanquer also announced an increase in the fund aimed at financing the purchase of CO2 sensors by different municipalities.

Towards a postponement of the baccalaureate specialty tests?

As for the baccalaureate specialty exams, which the teachers consider untenable in view of the accumulated delay in the programs, and which should normally take place in March, the Minister made a commitment to open discussions to “see if it is appropriate to have a postponement of these March events to June”.

Jean-Michel Blanquer will consult the CNVL (National Council for High School Life) before making a decision.

Unions satisfied with the answers but awaiting action

The representatives of the trade union organizations spoke at the end of this meeting. “We made a lot of demands and we got some pretty concrete answers“, said a union representative of the SNUIpp-FSU.

The teachers’ unions also expect a better method of communication from the Minister of National Education. “We will judge on the spot. It remains to be seen whether the fine words will be kept in the long term”, supports Sophie Vénétitay, secretary general of Snes-FSU.

Consultation meetings will be organized more regularly with the Ministries of National Education and Health.

Another type of meeting, this time between the unions is scheduled for this Friday at 5 p.m. to decide what action to take. A new mobilization day could be announced in the coming weeks.

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