Masaki Ryu returns to the stage for the first time in 1 year and 9 months “In love with the music of Haruka Soyoka meets Masaki Ryu” Co-starring Haruka Hayashi & Soyoka “I feel hot and unspeakable” | SPICE

“A new form of classical concert” in collaboration with Haruka Hayashi (cello) and Soyoka Hayashi (piano), former Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe top star Masaki Ryu, who are from Osaka prefecture and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Vocal “In love with Haruka Soyoka’s music meets Masaki Ryu” ~ From classic to Takarazuka Revue number ~ “will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka. 20 from the first stage for Ryu It’s the time of the anniversary, and it’s been singing on the stage for the first time in 1 year and 9 months, so it’s attracting a lot of attention as a long-awaited opportunity for fans. Takarazuka’s enthusiastic fans and a lot of individuality. This time, we asked the announcer, Kantere Seki Junko, who is the host of the concert, about his thoughts on the performance.

“A new form of classical concert” Cello & Piano & Vocal “In love with Haruka Soyoka’s music meets Masaki Ryu” -From classical music to Takarazuka Revue number- “

● The goal of the Hayashi sisters is “Creating an environment where dragons can easily sing “●

Dragon:I watched the performance “Sister musicians born by Minoh-from classical music to Japanese songs-” at the Minoh City Cultural and Performing Arts Theater in September 2021, but I was happy with tears coming out naturally. became. Before I even noticed it because of the corona, I felt very clean, probably because there was something that had accumulated. At that time, I was vaguely hoping that I could be with you someday, but this event was realized. I really appreciate your connection.

Haruka:I was just surprised to hear that Mr. Ryu had such a story. This performance is a simple combination of Ryu-san’s song, my cello, and Soyoka’s piano, but I’m wondering what kind of music will be made. It’s going to be an exciting performance and I’m excited.

Soyoka:I personally love the Takarazuka Revue, and that made me want to become a composer, so I’m really happy to hear from Mr. Ryu about his performance. It’s a dream-like story to be with. In the actual performance, I’m going to forget to play because I’m fascinated by Mr. Ryu (laughs).

“Sister musicians born by Minoh-from classical music to Japanese songs-“

Seki:Please play well there (laughs). I was the moderator for the Minoh performance in September, but Haruka-san and Soyoka-san are not only musicians, but also entertainers. There aren’t many performers who make customers laugh at classical concerts. Haruka is a Tetsuko (a woman who loves railways), and Soyoka is a pianist who improvises and plays with facial art. Ryu-san is fused with these two talented performers. I can’t wait to say, “This will be a rare stage.”

Dragon:However, there are some things that you can’t understand without trying. As a vocalist, I would like to ask them about the balance of sound. The sound will be different depending on the place and space where you play. I wonder how to find the correct answer.

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Haruka:The cello is called a melody instrument and is played along the melody line, so this time I will try to play along with Ryu-san’s song. There are some parts that you can’t understand without trying as you say, but if you enjoy playing music together, you should be familiar with it immediately. I have a greater sense of expectation as to how we can interact.

Soyoka:I also want to create an environment where Ryu can easily sing. And this is the first public stage in 1 year and 9 months for Ryu. It’s a serious responsibility and I have to play beyond your expectations.

● “If you can become a single flower that can be dyed in any color in your performance” (Dragon) ●

Masaki Ryu Photographer = Masayuki Kamo Hair & Make up = Keizo Kuroda

Masaki Ryu Photographer = Masayuki Kamo Hair & Make up = Keizo Kuroda

Dragon:I haven’t met you in person yet, but I have something I would like to do when I meet. Would you like to go eat delicious rice? I want to break through from the heart. I heard that the Minoh gourmet of their hometown is delicious (laughs).

Haruka:I’ve always wondered what to do when I first met Ryu-san, but … surely the food is the best! I’ve played with various artists so far, but looking back, I was able to grasp the sensibilities of the other person by talking about various things while eating together, rather than just repeating rehearsals. .. The connection of the mind becomes the connection of the sound.

Soyoka:Sometimes I meet and rehearse, but it feels like it’s clerical to match the sounds without knowing what’s going on. I think that it will be a better performance if we have a good time to talk with each other before matching the sounds.

Seki:Your personality will be revealed at the dining place. As I mentioned a little earlier, when did Haruka-san become a railroad enthusiast?

Haruka Hayashi

Haruka Hayashi

Haruka:The reason I became interested in railways was the station stamps. I started to go to various places for performance activities, but I can’t go sightseeing because I’m busy. That’s too lonely, so I started collecting stamps from stations to commemorate my trip because I travel a lot by train. As I gathered, I felt like “I want to go to various stations”, and now I like to take the train. Also, I got a sense of familiarity when I learned that a lot of classical music is used in the melody of trains and stations. I started planning railway-related projects on YouTube and concerts in order to let many people know about such things.

Seki:You discovered the connection between the railroad and music. Soyoka is a big fan of the Takarazuka Revue.

Soyoka:I watched the theater for the first time when I was in the second year of junior high school, and I was fascinated by the gorgeous world, but I was addicted to it. At Halloween, I dressed as a princess with the image of Takarazuka. Also, after all, the coolness of the male role isn’t it? I wanted to get in touch with the atmosphere of Takarazuka up close, so I walked around the theater on my way home from school, stopped by a shop, and sometimes watched a play.

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Seki:The signal sound when the train departs from the Takarazuka station main line is “when the violet flowers bloom”, isn’t it? Ryu is also a vocal guest, so why don’t you play “Sumire no Hana Blooming Time” at the event?

Soyoka:I’m going to be more nervous!

Seki:Is Ryu addicted to Haruka-san and Soyoka-san?

Dragon:what do you want. No hobby … I wonder (laughs). However, I’ve always been conscious of “dying in any color”. I would like to add a flower that can be dyed in any color to Haruka-san and Soyoka-san’s performances this time as well. I want to make a new flower that no one has ever seen. I’m going to enter the stage in a colorless and dyeable form.

● “I want to give back to the fans” at the performance in my hometown Kansai (Ryu) ●

Masaki Ryu

Masaki Ryu

Seki:Mr. Ryu has the image of a top star in the role of a man in the Takarazuka era, but now he is very attractive as a woman. The role of Marie Antoinette, who was played in “1789 -Les Amants of Bastille-” (2018) after leaving the group, looked good in her dress and was really beautiful.

Dragon:I’m glad you said that. Well, I left the tailcoat (laughs).

Seki:A new dragon is likely to be seen in this performance. The sex appeal of the top star era, and the sex appeal of the current dragon. They may be mixed, or conversely, they may appear as completely different things. I’m sure we will be captivated by its charm. Also, you must have often traveled around in front of Corona, but I think you have a special feeling for performing in Kansai like this.

Haruka:I and Soyoka are from Minoh, but since I started working mainly in Tokyo, I have come to realize the goodness of the local area. You don’t notice it when you live. If you walk along the waterfall road or in the mountains, you can experience the changing seasons of Minoh and heal your daily fatigue. It’s a cozy place that is always full of negative ions.

Soyoka:By the way, when I went to Hokkaido for work, Minoh beer was sold in the shopping district. I was proud of my hometown when I learned that it was very popular nationwide. As my sister says, I’ve noticed that kind of thing since I started living away from my hometown.

Soyoka Hayashi @Hisato Tatsuoka

Soyoka Hayashi @Hisato Tatsuoka

Dragon:Hometown is very important, isn’t it? I am deeply moved to be able to realize this performance in Kansai. For me, 2021 is just 20 years since the Takarazuka first stage. I’ve always wanted to give back to the fans, but I couldn’t move forward because of Corona. However, when I heard about the performance, he said, “It’s only now.” Everywhere I go to the stage with all my might, but Kansai, my hometown, is exceptional. I feel a passion that I can’t put into words.

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Seki:Moreover, it’s been a long time since the performance.

Dragon:One year and nine months was a very long time for me. Actually, I was a little sick. That is why I want to do my best. We received various voices such as “I’ve been waiting for you” and “What will happen to your future activities?” It may be one of my duties to show up in this way.

Haruka:20th anniversary of Ryu’s first stage. Moreover, the stage is 1 year and 9 months old. Excitement, excitement, and various emotions are mixed again, and it’s getting a little difficult now …

Soyoka:me too! But it’s a concert where you can really feel “I’m glad I came to music”. Although the number of performers is as small as three, with Ryu-san’s back, I and Haruka will perform as hard as the orchestra.

Dragon:I’ve always liked to create complex things that are a mixture of different histories. But this time it’s a very simple group. It will be a difficult challenge for me. It’s hard to take a step, but I want to start something new to move forward. Haruka-san, Soyoka-san’s performer’s soul, my singer’s soul, and Seki-san’s speaker’s soul who is in charge of the moderator. One of them is fine, so we will show you a stage that customers can take home with them.

Interview / text = Yuki Tanabe

release information

“A new form of classical concert” Cello & Piano & Vocal “In love with Haruka Soyoka’s music meets Masaki Ryu” -From classical music to Takarazuka Revue number- “

[Date and time]February 19, 2022 (Sat) 14:00 start

[Fee]5,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included)

Release date]Saturday, December 18, 2021

[Place]Sankei Hall Breeze

[Organizer]Kansai Telecasting Corporation / Sankei Hall Breeze

[Planning / Production]Kansai Telecasting Corporation

[Inquiries]BreiseCenter 06-6341-8888 (11: 00-15: 00)


Haruka Hayashi (Cello & Cello Playing Course)

Soyoka Hayashi (Piano & Piano Improvisation Corner)

Junko Seki (MC, Cantere Announcer)

[Special Vocal Guest]

Masaki Ryu (former Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe Top Star)


[Performance Part 1 (Classical)]Haruka Hayashi (cello) Soyoka Hayashi (piano)

“This song I want to listen to on the cello and piano!”

・ Saint-Saens: Swan

・ Bach: Prelude from Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1

・ Schubert: Ave Maria

・ (Cello, playing method introduction)

・ Chopin Medley * New arrangement by Soyoka Hayashi

・ Paganini / List: La Campanella * New arrangement by Soyoka Hayashi

・ Monty: Csárdás

[Music Talk]Haruka Hayashi, Soyoka Hayashi, Masaki Ryu MC: Junko Seki (Cantere Announcer)

Haruka Hayashi’s “Tetsuko” performance

[Piano improvisation corner]Soyoka Hayashi MC: Junko Seki (Cantere announcer)

・ Perform according to the creative story with the song requested by the customer

・ “Kirakira Hoshi Kankyoku Hayashi Soyoka”

[Performance Part 2 (Pop)]Masaki Ryu (vocals) Haruka Hayashi (cello) Soyoka Hayashi (piano) 30 minutes

“Masaki Ryu Vocal & Cello and Piano Trio”

From songs that permeate that heart to Takarazuka numbers (5 gems)

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