Martin Danielle and Alexandra Backström – Reveals engagement


The Norwegian artist Martin Danielle, also known as «CLMD», has become engaged to his girlfriend Alexandra Backström. It reveals the latter in a post on Instagram on Saturday.

– Yes, thank you, and forever, she writes in the post, consisting of several photos of herself and Danielle.

The pictures also show a shiny engagement ring.

Backström bforces the engagement opposite TV 2, who first mentioned the case.

– It feels fantastic to be engaged. Although we may be “sealed the deal” with having a child together, it is very nice to be treated a little with a classic, romantic courtship, she says to the channel.

Backström also reveals to the channel that it was Danielle who went down on her knees and proposed.

– He went down on his knees in a suite on the American line full of roses! So he was very romantic and sweet, and very surprising, she says to TV 2.

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Became parents

The good news comes just under a year after the couple became parents for the first time. The little boy Alf Gustav was born on October 20.

– We are very happy, the new dad told Dagbladet at the time.

When Dagbladet met Danielle on the red carpet ahead of last year’s P3Gull, he eased the veil on life as a father of small children.

– It’s an adult. There is little sleep, a lot of poop diapers, otherwise a lot of coziness and love. So it’s fantastic, he said proudly at the time.

Backström then described the birth as very painful.

– It was a dramatic birth. It ended with an emergency caesarean section, and therefore I have had to contribute a little extra on the home front as my boyfriend has not been so mobile, said Martin Danielle last year.

It was last summer during the annual Elle party he and his girlfriend revealed the news that they were expecting children. They had also recently bought their first apartment together.

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Keeps the relationship private

The newly engaged couple found happiness with each other in 2015, half a year after DJ and artist Sandra Lyng had made it end. Backström has worked as a model for several years, and in 2013 she was named Miss World Norway.

The pregnancy news they chose to keep secret for many months, something they elaborated on to Dagbladet last year.

– We try to differentiate a little between private life and artist life, and Alexandra is probably not really that concerned with living in the spotlight in that way, so we have thought that it is nice to be able to keep it private.

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He has also previously stated that his girlfriend wants to spend little time in the spotlight.

– It’s no secret that we are a couple, but even though I am an artist, it does not mean that she wants that attention. I respect that she wants to keep the relationship more private, he has told VG.

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