Marne: the suspect of the rape of a young woman and the murder of her imprisoned boyfriend

He was “on the hunt for a woman”: a 41-year-old man, including 22 in prison, was indicted and remanded in custody on Sunday for the kidnapping and rape in the Marne of a student and the murder of her boyfriend, according to the Reims prosecutor. “There is no connection between the aggressor and the victims. They met a predator (…) He was looking for a girl. He liked the victim. He killed the young man because he wanted to intervene. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time ”, summarizes the prosecutor of the Republic of Reims, Matthieu Bourrette.

This man, convicted 27 times between 1998 and 2018 mainly for thefts, and released from prison in March 2020, had approached the couple, aged in their twenties, at the wheel of his Audi, Thursday around 8 p.m. in a parking lot where he had stopped by car in Courville. “Single, without professional activity, drug addict” and “without real fixed abode”, he was “on the hunt for a girl”, continues the magistrate.

According to the account of the young girl, whose composure finally allowed the arrest, he asked them where to get “hash”, before threatening them with a shotgun so that she goes up in his trunk. The student in IUT in Reims intervenes, the defendant shoots him in the abdomen. The victim will die in hospital. The student, who had kept her cell phone in the safe then calls the firefighters, who warn the gendarmes.

The student “in a state of great suffering”

All night long, during which he drinks and smokes cannabis, going from gas station to gas station, his captor explains to him to get out of prison and look for “a girl to make love to.” She tries to “make him talk as long as possible to avoid any sexual assault” and “he had confided in her a lot throughout the night”. But “shortly before 6 am, when the victim thought he was finally going to release her”, he threatened and raped her several times in the vehicle, before letting her go, added Matthieu Bourrette.

During the night, he lent her her phone to call her mother. This call allowed investigators to identify and arrest the suspect at a friend’s house in Jonchery-Sur-Suippes on Friday evening. About 150 gendarmes were mobilized. Once released, the young girl presented herself to the Gueux gendarmerie alone.

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The respondent, born in Reims and who grew up in a home from the age of 12, admitted “all the facts, with the exception of the homicidal intention, explaining that it was an accident », According to Matthieu Bourrette. He was “under no suspension with probation, no probationary suspension, was not subject to judicial follow-up” and “no sentence was to be carried out”.

He was indicted in particular on counts of murder followed by rape, in a repeat offending situation for having been sentenced in 2002 for possession of narcotics – punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment – and kidnapping and forcible confinement followed by voluntary release before the 7th day. The student, who provided “precious help” to investigators, is “supported by her family and has been in a state of great suffering for 24 hours,” the prosecutor concluded.

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