Marley Spoon with Thermomix: You need to know that

Many Marley Spoon users would like to have recipes for the Thermomix in addition to the food supplied. In the article we explain what you need to consider with the Marley Spoon cooking box subscription.

Marley Spoon and Thermomix – complicated

Marley Spoon is one of several cooking box providers and delivers fresh ingredients and the right recipe to your home. However, many people want to cook their food with their Thermomix. For this reason, for example, the competitor HelloFresh has special recipes for the Thermomix.

  • At Marley Spoon there are currently no recipes for the Thermomix.
  • You can therefore either prepare the food in the Thermomix at your own discretion. Or this time you grab a pan and a saucepan.

Alternativ: HelloFresh mit Thermomix

At Marley Spoon you will not get any recipes for the Thermomix.

  • So if you really want to cook with the Thermomix and order a cooking box, you cannot order from Marley Spoon. At HelloFresh, on the other hand, you get the cooking boxes to match the Thermomix.
  • To do this, select when ordering HelloFresh that you would like a Thermomix recipe. The costs of HelloFresh and Marley Spoon are almost the same – so you have no disadvantages in terms of price.
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