Marketing: Videogames as a form of entertainment and connection

The video game industry stepped on the gas during the months that consumers were forced to spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last year, the sector responded to the increase in consumption and user engagement with events, virtual concerts and actions with celebrities.

This growth trend that has set the pace of this industry during 2020 is expected to continue in the coming months and years, even when vaccines allow the population to approach life in pre-Covid times, according to Nielsen. Even before the pandemic, the video game sector was gaining weight thanks to mobile connectivity and the rise of free gamesBut it was during the pandemic that its growth soared.

In the months of confinement, 55% of US consumers played video games, reveals the signature. By way of comparison, television reach was 83% among those over 18 years of age.

Reasons to play video games confinementReasons to play video games confinement

Time spent on video games wasn’t the only thing that increased. During the pandemic, users increased their spending on games. In January and February, the profits of this industry rose 6% and as the year progressed the figure almost doubled.

Similarly, from Nielsen they emphasize that the relationship of consumers with gaming goes beyond playing. Many users enjoy watching others play different titles. 71% of millennial gamers reported viewing gaming-related online video content late last year, and GVC’s entire audience grew 18% to 1.2 billion this year, generating more than 9 billion in revenue .

During this time, Twitch has taken a leadership roleas it helped the Battle Royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout platform become a huge hit in August. Additionally, Twitch streamers managed to skyrocket the popularity of Among Us.

Videogame streaming platforms

Video games have become, in addition to a form of entertainment, a way of connection between users. Not surprisingly, approximately one in four (27%) US residents use video games as a way to stay in touch with other people in 2020, according to research from SuperData.

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One of the titles that have stood out the most in recent times is Fortnite, which in 2020 achieved success thanks to live events such as the Travis Scott concerts, which attracted more than 45 million viewers. And Lil Nas X met in Roblox to more than 33 million.

And in the political sphere, Congressmen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar stood out, who transmitted Among Us along with popular Twitch streamers.

There are also more and more brands that are betting on the video game industry. Thus, in 2020 we saw the tandem formed by the Biden-Harris campaign and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a video game that the Detroit Lions of the NFL also bet on. Or the relation of Fortnite y Marvel.

“While the video game industry was trending upward long before the pandemic, research suggests that 10 months of new behaviors (during the pandemic) is much longer than it takes for it to become the norm »They point out from Nielsen.



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