Marketing: This is what a “catalog of incentives” should include

The incentive catalog is one of the key tools in an incentive or motivation program. In many cases, the catalog will even be the main issue to promote the use and participation in a platform of this type. A very elaborate, attractive or creative mechanics is of little use if we do not have a incentives catalog that encourages participation of the user through aspirational yet achievable gifts.

Incentive programs, incentive plans or commercial motivation programs, among other names, are one of the mechanisms with the greatest potential for success when it comes to promoting, incentivizing and rewarding the work of a company’s employees, its commercial teams , of its distributors, of the workers of the points of sale, etc. Through such a plan it is possible to increase the productivity of a team, generate a feeling of belonging to the company, etc., through different competition mechanics, whether in teams, individually or against oneself.

Incentive and commercial motivation programs are generally based on a technological platform (web or app) that users can access to complete training modules, validate sales, participate in games and contests, find out about their position in seller ranking, etc., to accumulate a series of points that can later be exchanged for gifts from the catalog.

The mechanics of the incentive plan is a very relevant part to take into account from the design phase, since should encourage participation and make it enjoyable and fun so that it is attractive to the user. However, it is of little use to develop and work in depth on a mechanic without having a good catalog of incentives.

A good catalog of incentives can include own product of the brand, technological gifts, for the home, leisure and sports items, etc., among all kinds of physical or digital gifts. Among the latter, the digital ones, we can find the so-called vouchers or redemption coupons, which can be redeemed in exchange for money in an online store or an electronic service such as a subscription to a streaming platform (Netflix, Spotify, etc.).

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In general, the success of the different types of gifts in the incentive catalog will have to do with variables such as the type of program, the profile of the users, etc. If, for example, we have users very given to the use of technology, these digital redemption coupons can be a very attractive category to include in the catalog. If it is a more heterogeneous audience, diversifying in terms of categories will be the key.

Our own experience with this type of program throughout the different business cycles will give us the necessary learning to optimize the gift catalog depending on the profile of the audience and their interests, as well as the interests of the company, which they will seek balancing the investment with the redemption of gifts. The most advisable thing for a catalog of incentives within the framework of a motivation program, therefore, will be have a specialized strategic partner that can offer a wide variety of gift items, discount codes, etc., and can advise the brand at all times.



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