Marketing: Profile of young consumers of «mobile entertainment»

In 2020, mobile entertainment experienced one of its greatest periods of growth. This boom is explained, in part, by the increase in free time at home that brought with it confinement and the search for digital alternatives for leisure by users. In total, the year closed with worldwide profits of about $ 68.5 billion. What’s more, According to App Annie’s forecasts, this year it would exceed 120,000 million.

As a consequence of this growth, the world of mobile entertainment has emerged as a great market opportunity for brands, which would not only access a greater volume of potential consumers, but could also do so using innovative formulas and tools that promote engagement, interactivity and the user experience.

AdColony, a leading company in mobile video advertising, has prepared a macro-study in Spain (Customer Persona Mobile Gaming in Spain) about the different profiles of mobile entertainment consumers with the aim of clarifying their typology and characteristics. The study has distinguished three segments: Young-adults, Professionals and Seniors.

Youth-Adult Profile

This category includes users between the ages of 12 and 22. The detailed analysis of your preferences has revealed the following data:

– Your main personal interests are music, personal care, movies, cinema, playing sports and cooking.
87% of them live with their parents.
-They love to practice mobile entertainment because they don’t have to pay for downloads and they can play anywhere.
-15% of them practice this type of leisure with their mobile devices.
-Your favorite genres are action and adventure, simulators and cards.
-They prefer games in which there is advertising that allows them to continue playing and avoids having to ask their parents for money.
-They are supporters of brands that allow them to play their favorite games.



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