Marketing: «digital marketing» an ally of direct online sales

At this point, there is no doubt that e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the wake of the pandemic. Among its benefits are its wide range of reach, the avoidance of physical contact and the possibility of carrying out 24-hour buying and selling actions. This boom has unleashed new strategies, business prospects, brand positioning and ways of working. Indeed, one of the most shocking consequences has been the popularization of direct online sales; a very attractive movement for young people due to its degree of compatibility with other activities and its positive performance.

According to the Sector Report of the Association of Direct Selling Companies, Spain is the sixth European country with the highest turnover in the world of direct sales, and with an upward trend: after entering 751 million euros in 2019, a final evaluation of + 5% is expected in 2020.

What is the profile of these types of sellers like?

The direct selling professional specializes in the product or service they are selling and focuses on customer service. Therefore, one of its incentives is that is serving many citizens as an economic outlet regardless of age or specific background. According to AVD statistics, 83% of direct sales entrepreneurs in Spain are women between 43 and 45 years of age who do it part-time; however, in recent years young people under 30 have become increasingly interested in the business.

What advantages does it have?

One of the great attractions of direct selling is that you can unleash huge growth potential with minimal investment. This is due to the direct benefits model and the creation of an increasingly extensive network of contacts that multiplies residual income.

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Another great benefit is its wide range of reach. Basically, anyone in the world with an internet connection can be part of the target audience and become a customer.

“Digital marketing, an indispensable requirement”

“To be able to succeed on the internet through direct sales, digital marketing is currently an indispensable requirement,” says Isaac Antonete, an expert in digital marketing oriented to direct sales and founder of the DesarrollaTOnline platform.

Faced with the traditional modus operandi of sales that ends up leading to persecution or insistence, the digital channel softens the techniques and revalues ​​the strategies based on “attracting” to the clients.

Nutrition and wellness in the lead

According to AVT data, the most popular categories of direct sales in Europe in 2019 are products of the sector of the nutrition and wellness (32% of the market), cosmetics and personal care (26%), household items and durable goods (14%), items to carry out home repairs (10%), and Clothes and accessories (6%). The rest (14%) is represented by home care, food and beverages, books, toys and teaching materials, among others.

Among the products with the most future projection, Antonete also points out digital software or online courses; because there is a positive dissonance between its high demand and its low production cost.



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