Mark Masters: Depending on the situation, “open” the Leaf to experiment with Marner’s defenses.

TSN SportsCentre reporter Mark Masters reports on the Toronto Maple Leafs training in two groups at the Ford Performance Center on Thursday.

Top-line winger Mitch Marner is taking some reps on defense during training camp.

Manager Sheldon Keef said, “There may be opportunities in the game where you want to show him defense. It is something we will continue to consider and from there we will decide how to use it.”

The Leafs have an explosive offense, but Keef sees potential for upgrades in transition play and offensive blue line play.

Morgan Riley Last season he scored 68 points. That’s 40 more points for him than any other Leafs defenseman.

“Morgan really stands out for us in that he can contribute offensively, but sometimes you need another guy to help with that, especially the right shot,” Keef said. with Rasmus [Sandin] Helps with creases. [Jake] Mujin, [T.J.] with Brody [Mark] Giordano can contribute in his own way, but it feels a little different than someone like Mitch. ”

Marner’s skill set is a prime candidate for this type of experimentation. He sees the ice incredibly well and has already been a key part of Toronto’s penalty kills.

“The more I see him move in the offensive zone, the more time Mitch spends on the blue line as is,” Keef noted. He executed a power play from the top with a five-forward look in his junior years, so he has a lot of experience doing it.

Marner took some reps with Lilly at practice Thursday.

“I think he’ll do well,” Liery said before grinning. “I think he’ll be seen as an attacking defenseman. He could contribute that way. We’re open to trying anything.”

“I have a pretty good library of clips. [Mitch’s] He’s actually playing defense,” Keef added.

Allowed to move to defense during Marner practice William Nylander insert sideways Auston Matthews When Michael Bunting.

Positions are becoming less and less defined in hockey, so coaches are becoming more open to a variety of things, Keef said.

“Forwards are going to have to cover and play in defense probably far more often than in the history of our game,” Keough said. “It’s important to have these skill sets. Of course, more and more young players will come up with those skill sets. Plus, we’re going to see more forwards transitioning to defense at a younger age. .road Kare Makar Playing games has grown a lot of young kids who want to be like that. “

Early in practice, Rielly tried out a new role for himself. The 28-year-old left-hander shifted to the right.

“Moe wanted to take more reps there,” Keef revealed. He volunteered to take the rep, which I think is great, because last night I had a match where I had six left-handed shots.” [on defence].”

Timothy Liljegren When Justin Hall Two top right options on the Toronto blue line. Liljegren underwent surgery for a hernia just before training camp and will be out for at least six weeks. The left-handed Brody has played on the right side throughout his career.

“We can see that we need to be more flexible,” Keef said. “Morgan didn’t have much [time on the right] So it’s important to get it during this time. “

“You just try to get used to it,” Rielly said. It has its perks as well.It’s a matter of getting used to it…”

What is your biggest challenge?

“I have to handle more pucks with my backhand and I’m just not very used to it,” Lilly said. “I’m used to being on half the ice, so going to the other side is just a little bit different.”

Keefe remain undecided as to who will be making the shift, barring Liljegren.

“We’ve got to see where everyone is,” Keough warned. I haven’t lost sight of it. [as a pairing].”

‘He sees the situation’: Riley volunteers for rep on right wing

Morgan Liery volunteered to take right-side reps in Thursday’s practice and said it’s a matter of getting more comfortable over time.

Muzzin attended the first full practice of training camp. The 33-year-old works with back issues.

“It’s just the discomfort and tension that we had to manage and take care of,” he said. But it’s been hard.I’ve been training and getting ready all summer and suddenly something happened.It’s a little frustrating but I feel good.And it’s getting better every day .”

“It’s another good day for him,” Keough said. “He’s done everything here today and when I talked to him afterward, he was feeling good and everything was positive on that front.

Muzzin hopes to participate in at least one preseason game.

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“I used to have some back problems when I was younger,” he said. “You play for a long time and a lot of games and stuff builds up. It’s something we’ve managed really well for a long time and we have to keep doing it.”

Muzzin expressed its confidence in Toronto’s medical staff and sports science department.

“It’s unreal,” he said. “The people there will extend your career.”

Leafs’ Mazin back discomfort: ‘It wasn’t really an injury’

When training camp for the Maple Leafs began, it was announced that Jake Mazin would be spending his days with back discomfort. Mazin skated with the team on Thursday and it wasn’t actually an injury, something he and his trainer had to deal with.

Jordy Benn (groin) and Karl Dalstrom (Shoulder) I got injured in Wednesday’s game. Both defense attorneys are expected to miss time with his MRI results pending. The defensive injury situation led to the resolution of the Sandin contract stalemate.

“this morning, Rasmus Sandin When [agent] Luis Gross reached out to us and after watching last night’s game and seeing more injuries in the defence, he decided to do this today so Rasmus could go to Toronto and help his teammates. We said we want it fixed,” general manager Kyle told Duva in a statement posted by the team.

Sandin signed a two-year deal averaging $1.4 million per year.

Nylander is awakened by a text warning her of news from a friend. The two have been training together in Sweden during the offseason. How was your summer Sundin?

“Excellent, as usual,” said Nylander. “He’s poised with the puck and looks big again this year, so hopefully that’s reflected in his game.”

The Leafs hope the 22-year-old Sandin, who has appeared in 88 games in the National Hockey League, will take a big step forward in his development.

“As a young player with that level of talent and the experience he’s got in the league, I think he’s now the right age to really start to blossom.” “In this situation, he’s going to have to come in and keep up with everyone’s speed. I don’t think he’ll take very long. He’s an important young player.” will give you ”

“You saw some snippets when he was there,” said Nylander. played well.”

Possibility of Sandin’?

“He can go anywhere,” Nylander said.

Adam Gaudette I hurt my shoulder in the opening game of the exhibition on Saturday.

“I turned and hit the board and it was like a chicken wing up,” Forward recalled. “I had some awkward contact with the board and it just strained my muscles a bit. It wasn’t weird or serious, but I’m just trying to make sure it doesn’t get worse.”

Gaudette returned to practice on Thursday, but skated in a red no-contact sweater.

“I may be able to play if I have to, but now is not the time to get over injuries,” said the 25-year-old.

Gaudette opened a camp and had a great opportunity to skate together John Tavares and Marner. He was able to finish Saturday’s game and felt he made a decent first impression.

“I loved my game,” he said. “I could have let the puck go through his zone a bit more neutral instead of chasing it, but I really liked my game away from the puck. , has been criticized for it.” Played hard. He played with strength. That’s my style of game and I could get some time to play here.”

Lines from practice on Thursday:

Note: Players in bold are on the roster for the preseason game against the Ottawa Senators in Belleville, Ontario on Friday.

group 1

Aston Leith Kamp Obe Kubel
steves – show – simmons
Makman der Argutyntsev Anderson


Krall – Hall
Mete – Villeneuve
Rephi – Hollowell
– Hovenmeyer



group 2

Nylander – Carfoot – Jerklock
Blandigi – Abruzzo – Gogolev

Clifford, Douglas, Sluggert, Ellis

Kokkonen – Riley
Giordano – Brody
majin – mirror


Power Play Units in Thursday Practice:

group 1

QB: Mete
Sides: Margin, SDA
Middle: Anderson
Net Front: Steves

QB: Krall
Sides: Robertson, Villeneuve
Middle: Ove Kubel
Netfront: McMann

group 2

QB: Lily
Side/middle: Matthews, Marner, Nylander
Net Front: Bunting

QB: Giordano
Sides: Yarncrok, Gogolev
Middle: Carfoot
Net Front: Abrazese

Injured: Ben (groin), Dahlström (shoulder), Engval (foot/ankle), Liljegren (hernia operation), Tavares (oblique strain).

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