Marisol expresses her joy at the reactivation of face-to-face concerts

Marisol, the ‘Patrona de la cumbia’, is more than happy after seeing that they are already beginning to perform live concerts, such as the one carried out by Corazón Serrano a week ago.

During a conversation with the newspaper El Popular, the singer highlighted the importance of these new measures. It is magnificent because it opens the door to all artists in Peru ”, he assured Marisol.

“To everyone in general, to cinemas, theaters, actors, God forbid also my traveling comic brothers, dancers and those who teach classes. This opens the door for artists to start working with the same protocol ”, added the interpreter of“ La escobita ”.

In addition, Marisol He said that he has a guaranteed job, since offers have already fallen to him to perform live. “They have called me for several contracts with my manager and we have a protocol contract. What they are asking to avoid problems is that the field be large and open, which is much better, “explained the singer..

Due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19, many artists have had to reinvent themselves, thus losing the source of work with which they covered their expenses. It is because of this situation that the artist sympathized with her colleague Tony Rosado, who was intervened by the Police on June 29 when offering a private concert in full curfew.

“I supported him, yes, it is true, to go out to work. If they have not given us the green light, they have left us like an ugly duckling from all over the country and have forgotten, then I believe that artists have to go out one way or another to work. That implies that sometimes one breaks the rules of our country and Government ”, the singer answered forcefully.

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