Maria Ilieva gave birth to a baby girl by the son of the sentimental mayor of Sofia Petar Mezhdurechki

The mayor he was also a diplomat – Ambassador in Germany and the GDR

On June 24, the singer Maria Ilieva gave birth to her second child – Sofia. It is persistently claimed that the baby’s father is the businessman Alexander Mezhdurechki, the son of one of the most famous mayors of Sofia, Petar Mezhdurechki, who is no longer alive.

Maria Ilieva has always zealously kept her private life a secret, so even now she flatly refuses to comment on who the father of little Sofia is. The only thing she admitted was that the man next to her was the most wonderful man in the world. However, people close to the singer confirm that Alexander Mezhdurechki is her favorite.

Maria Ilieva also has a son – 3-year-old Alexander, from her relationship with Georgi Mihailov, which did not last long. Now she has obviously found love, because she is visibly radiant and looks very happy.

Like his famous partner, Alexander Mezhdurechki also refuses any comments and stays out of the spotlight. He deals with

own business,

his name is connected

with two companies

His father – Petar Mezhdurechki, was born on May 2, 1934 in the town of Gotse Delchev. He graduated in law, economics and journalism in Germany and diplomacy in Moscow. For 20 years he has been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the external department of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

He was Bulgaria’s first ambassador to Germany after diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored in 1974.

Interfluve should melt the ice of the cold period in relations between the two countries.

When he sent him to Germany, Todor Zhivkov said: “Petre, they just want to show me that my ambition is to make Bulgaria a small Germany or a small Japan. I have bosses, but do you know what bosses ?! I’m not your boss compared to them. “

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Mezhdurechki guesses that Zhivkov means “Kremlin bosses.” And he continues:

– Now with you, if we want to do something useful for Bulgaria, you will write in the reports …

“You mean in the ciphers, Comrade Zhivkov?”

“Listen, boy, do you think I’m yesterday?”

First, all your ciphers will be read by the Germans. They have such codes invented that they will not be able to handle any of our picky code ?!

Second, when the cipher arrives here, do you know where it goes before it comes to my table? With those who control me. At the Russian embassy. You must have friends there, huh?

Mezhdurechki knew the man who carried the ciphers from our foreign ministry to the Russian embassy, ​​but kept quiet.

They will hit us on the hands and we will do nothing – Zhivkov continues. – If you have something interesting, come straight to me. Neither with Mladenov, nor with Grisha Filipov, who pretends not to know Bulgarian, nor with Andrey Lukanov. And in the reports and ciphers you will defeat imperialism. Otherwise, Petre, our miners will defeat you here, and I will not be able to save you either. So directly to me. And not with writing, but with fairy tales. You come, you report to me and you leave.

Thus, in his ciphergrams and reports, Mezhdurechki thunders capitalism and imperialism. The truth is in his conversations with Zhivkov in private.

In Bonn, Mezhdurechki built a building for the embassy, ​​the trade representation, the consular office and 60 apartments. In a short time, he established relations with the leading circles of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of business, politics, government, the spiritual sphere, etc.

At that time, Germany had a galaxy of politicians and statesmen of extremely high class such as Willy Brant, Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl, Josef Strauss, Hans-Dietrich Genscher and others.

Our ambassador met with the captains and the real engines of the German economic miracle – the leaders of the leading German and world concerns such as “Krupp”, “Thyssen”, “Daimler-Benz”, “Siemens”, “Bosch”, as well as financial institutions.

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Creates joint



increases trade, strengthens cultural ties between the two countries. Thus, the basis for the new relations between Bulgaria and the Federal Republic of Germany was created.

In 1975 Todor Zhivkov arrived on a visit to Germany. His guide is Mezhdurechki. At one point Zhivkov told him: Petre, Petre, did you see where the people went ?! We are a hundred years behind in new technologies and scientific and technological progress. That Jew with the long beard (Zhivkov means Karl Marx – b.a.), where he leads me to see his house in Trier, he said he would defeat this society, which is more productive. And they are a thousand times more productive. You are a young man and you will live it – this society and this economic system, which we have driven on the Moscow model, if we do not make total changes in it, socialism of the Moscow type will collapse and nothing will come out of it.

Instead of a second term in Germany in early 1978, Mezhdurechki was summoned to Bulgaria and Zhivkov told him that he was being appointed mayor of Sofia. Stuttering, he begins to explain that it doesn’t work – he has no knowledge in this field, no experience.

Zhivkov answered him with a question: It was good, Petre, tell me honestly, does Sofia arrest you as you see it and compare it with other cities you have seen. And you have seen a lot.

After a short pause he continues: Well, you took me around Germany and showed me their great progress, and now you have done some of their miracles here, let me tell you well done!

After these words Zhivkov “spits out the stone”: And now seriously. I want to declare war on the so-called Shopska concept, that there is nothing higher than Vitosha and no deeper than Iskra. Such is their yardstick, derived from what they see every day. You have seen the wide world, your yardstick is different and you have to show in practice that in Sofia there is an antithesis of this Shopska thesis.

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Mezhdurechki makes another attempt to dissuade him, but Zhivkov cuts him off: There is a decision of the Politburo! You have strength, you are young, and we will help. Mobilize, go to Bonn, hand over the service as it is his turn, and return as soon as possible!

For eight and a half years, Petar Mezhdurechki has been mayor

built over 110

thousands of homes, over

40 schools and kindergartens

gardens, many


and hospitals,

regional department stores, factories for household services, the bakery “Vaptsarov” and many other sites.

A number of sports sites have been built, such as the Winter Palace in the Student City, the Red Flag swimming complex and others. Many sites have been reconstructed in connection with the European Swimming Championships in Sofia, such as Dianabad and Maria-Louisa. The opportunities for skiing have been expanded in the areas of Aleko (Vitoshko Tulip piste), Konyarnika and Selimitsa.

Petar Mezhdurechki was most proud of the construction of the National Palace of Culture and the area around it and of the enriched green system of the capital with the construction of the South Park.

Throughout his tenure as mayor, he is guided by the principle: “Ask the relevant specialists about special issues!”.

In 1986, Mezhdurechki was sent as an ambassador to the GDR and three years later witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and the closure of the GDR state.

The poet Lozan Takev calls him the sentimental mayor of Sofia.

Petar Mezhdurechki died on February 13, 2018 in Sofia.


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