Margarita Vega takes medicine very seriously

Play Pamela Pérez in the soap opera What’s wrong with my family? It has been a challenge for the actress Margarita Vega, who not only had to prepare to give life to a specialist doctor, but also had to face the fact of representing a brave and strong woman in the face of some male impositions.

The Colombian-born actress says that for two months she was a face-to-face student of a doctor in her office, where she not only learned to revive a person at risk of death, but also practiced sutures and cuts on raw chickens to give her character realism. , who is a medical oncologist.

“I had to study a lot,” he says. “My producer, Juan Osorio, wants it to look as real as possible. Two months before recording I would go three times a week with a doctor who taught me everything, it was nine hours a week and she taught me from how you have to put on the stethoscope to how to hold the scalpel ”.

In the plot, his character is a partner of the actor Fernando Noriega, who until a few days ago was played by Gonzalo Peña, who was suspended after he was accused of complicity in a sexual assault. Margarita says she totally disapproves of the gender violence in which Peña is involved.

“Thank God it has never touched me and I hope it never touches me (to suffer gender violence), because it is a very delicate issue and that I do not share at all, physically or morally.”


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