Mare’s milk chocolate is in great demand from China

The folk product with medicinal properties is especially useful for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. It is too early to talk about the availability of production technology, but it has already gone on sale. It all depends on funding and demand.

It is not easy for a scientist to be an entrepreneur, and it is not easy for an entrepreneur to be a scientist. But if the two of them turn away from each other, there is no impregnable fortress. For this, the national science is allocated a state scholarship. To receive a grant, the initiator of the project must be able to attract a future sponsor. But before sponsoring, you must pass a special commission check. The idea is then passed on to the National Science Council. There it is decided whether the grant will be awarded or not. The amount of funding ranges from 20 million to 300 million tenge.

Aryn Orsariev, Chairman of the Board of the Science Fund JSC: – There are strong scientists. Unfortunately, most people know little about trading. Knows how to invent, invent. But it cannot be correctly presented to the market. In this regard, we give priority to the commercialization mechanism. The last 2 years have been dynamic. I think that when scientists start to feel the success of their projects, blood flows to the roots of the industry.

The grantee will be given 6 years to successfully implement the project and promote the product on the market.

The Science Foundation has over 155 projects. This includes everything from food to medicine. For example, rice porridge with camel meat. Mainly used by rescuers and military personnel. It also contains camel’s hump oil. And now I have chocolate with mare’s milk and lacto-bifidobacteria. Let’s try. Not sweet. It tastes and seems to be digestible.

Toregeldy Sharmanov, Doctor of Medical Sciences: – We started producing this chocolate last year. We have improved production technology. A lot of time and money has been spent. We can meet the demand at a sufficient level. Orders are already coming from China.

In addition to chocolate for diabetes prevention, government grants have been made for projects such as natural lipsticks, carbon nanostructures, and anti-inflammatory vaccines.

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