Marcel barely saved his wife in Pepinster: his house had collapsed in front of the cameras

Return home this Tuesday for Marcel. For this inhabitant of Pepinster, there is no question of crossing the threshold of his door. La Vesdre is quite simply visible from the end of his living room. Last Thursday when torrential rains fell, he was with his wife on the first floor. He remembers: “My wife said to me at the end of the afternoon ‘Look, there is a wall that is turning all white’. She said that to me and the wall fell. My dog ​​left with it. I barely caught up with my wife. otherwise it would go into the water. “

A VTM channel camera filmed the scene (see video at the top of the article). Images that Marcel will not soon forget, just like the sound of the river during the flood. “It’s hellish noise for two days. We hear only water. Two or three days later, you still have the ringing in your ears. It’s a noise that stays in my head for a long times “, says Marcel.

Everyone has amazing stories to tell

This morning, the water fell again, revealing a new car wreck. In Pepinster, dramatic stories like those of Marcel follow and resemble each other. A street of fifty houses should be razed, in addition to the twenty houses that collapsed. An 89-year-old lady from Pepinster was found 14 kilometers from her home in Trooz.

“Heartbreaking testimonials, we’ve had dozens of them. Everyone has incredible stories to tell. Sometimes people must have struggled to speak in front of the camera.”, reports our journalist in Pepinster, Samuel Ledoux (video below)

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