Map of Corona | Three countries accounted for more than half of the cases


15 september 2020


The resurgence of the corona epidemic is affecting large parts of the world. In this overview we list the most important figures.

To date, 29,172,080 registered infections and 926,641 official corona deaths have been counted and the virus has landed in 188 countries. After the first wave died down, the virus is once again gaining ground in many parts of the world.

India in particular is showing worrying figures. The number of new infections has been increasing since April and is not getting under control. The country is already reporting nearly 90,000 new cases per day. The counter of the total number of infections is just over 4.5 million.

Brazil and the US, both declining in new infections, also continue to record high figures. The US has a little more than 6 million infected citizens, in Brazil it is just over 4 million. The three countries together thus account for nearly 54 percent of global cases, but only 44 percent of global deaths. The counter is also steadily increasing in Russia. Although the number of new cases is much lower than in the three most affected countries, more than 1 million Russians have already been affected by the virus.

The EU is also struggling with flare-ups after many Member States have implemented a relaxation of measures. The second wave seems to be coming to an end in our country after the number of new infections increased rapidly from the beginning of July. In France and especially in Spain, the number of new infections is still increasing every day.

If we take a look at global trends, it becomes clear that the virus is flaring up everywhere.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus late last year, more than 850,000 people have died from Covid-19. After a global peak in mid-April, with the US country record of 4,591 deaths in one day, the average number of deaths per day declined steadily. In early June, that figure started to rise again, mainly because countries in the American continent were not getting the virus under control.

It is unclear exactly how many people have died from the corona virus. Not everyone who dies is tested for the virus and countries do not register corona deaths in the same way. Belgium and France count deaths in nursing homes without a test among the corona deaths, other countries do not.

The corona statistics do not completely capture the actual death toll. Comparing countries by looking at victims per capita therefore gives a distorted picture. A better indicator is the excess mortality: the number of people who died more than the average of previous years.

In the period from late February to mid-May, just before and just after the peaks in many European countries, half more people died in Spain than expected from the average figures. This is considerably more than in Italy (over 35%), the hardest hit European country, and England and Wales. There, almost 42 percent more people have died than usual. In Belgium, over 33 percent more people have died than expected.

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