Many animals disappeared in the Dnieper: help find

We are responsible for those we have tamed. Pets often behave like little children. They can also run away somewhere and get lost. And our task is to find them.

In the “Base of lost and found pets” group, new announcements about the loss of animals regularly appear. This is reported by the Informant.

Animals are missing

On the night of April 25-26, a Siamese cat named Lucky disappeared. If you have seen her, please call (099) 470-60-70.

In the area of ​​dachas in Samarovka, a dog named Sarah disappeared. The breed is the American Staffordshire Terrier. She is kind and affectionate. Red color with white chest. Was in a collar, there is a brand. Call (066) 229-43-18 (Stanislav).

On April 26, a British cat named Felix disappeared on Smolenskaya Street. 1 year old, neutered. Phone for communication – (097) 748-51-20.

On April 23, in the area of ​​Petrozavodskaya Street (Zorya store), a Shar Pei female disappeared. Contact number – (068) 480-16-00.

On April 16, at about 2:30 am, a cat named Gosha disappeared near the Donetsk Highway. He ran towards the construction warehouse. He is 12 years old, white, without spots, weighing more than 6 kg. One ear is slightly torn, missing fangs. The cat is deaf from birth, domestic and shy. The voice is loud, similar to barking with a howl, distinguishable from other cats. Contact number – (093) 235-03-70 (Olga).

A Siamese cat named Mousse disappeared at the intersection of Kovelskaya and Flangovaya streets. The muzzle and tail are black, the body is light. Left fang sticks out. Anyone who helps return is promised a reward. Call (050) 320-34-18.

The owners are gone

In the village of Mirny, a dog nailed to the people. Urgently looking for owners. Call (096) 668-92-47.

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Found a young tricolor cat. She is not adapted to life on the street. People cannot leave. Call (067) 777-27-58.

A red dachshund was found in the area of ​​Fabrichno-zavodskaya Street. Phone for communication – (097) 544-11-27 (Elena).

On Zavodskaya Embankment, 97, near McDonald’s, they found a dog. Female, about 2 years old, collared. According to the veterinarian, she recently gave birth to puppies, milk is still being excreted. Obviously homemade. The dog was taken to the clinic for overexposure. Contact number – (097) 927-89-03.

Earlier we wrote about how the Dnieper animal shelters work during the war and how they can be helped. We also remind you that four-legged trains are allowed to enter evacuation trains without hindrance. Read also about the fact that a chat was created in Ukraine to help animals that were abandoned during the war.

Oleg Bildin

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