Manuel Huerta alerts for false call for “Benito Juárez” scholarships

The delegate reported that the official call is not yet open, blames the “exprospera” for false information

Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara, federal delegate of the Welfare Secretariat in the state of Veracruz, reported that the call for the “Benito Juárez” scholarships is not yet open, referring to the recent publications that have been registered on social networks.

In addition, it reported that the page is not an official site, so the information it provides about the registration dates for the basic education scholarships is not true.

“This call circulated a lot, a platform for those who wanted to register to register. It is not official, it is not real, wait for the official information, we are going to have a platform for those who aspire to the Benito Juárez scholarship to register, but we are not going to have intermediaries, there are no Welfare Informants, they want to be validated , those who did a lot of damage to Veracruz, the ex-prospera want to validate themselves”, said the delegate, referring to the past federal program Prospera.

Manuel Huerta urged the population to wait for official information and not be fooled by those who seek misinform y to confuse.

Likewise, the delegate clarified that in the next few years the dates of the call for registration for scholarships through a official platform of the Ministry of Welfare.

What do the Benito Juárez Scholarships consist of?

It is known as Benito Juarez Scholarships to a set of programs of the Government of Mexico.

It is a program that aims to guarantee access to inclusive, equitable and quality education for students of all educational levels.

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Likewise, it seeks to eradicate the school dropout due to lack of financial resources. For this reason, this program is aimed mainly at students in a situation of poverty and vulnerable groups.


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