Manna on US elections: Latinos can’t be fooled anymore


Fher Olvera, singer of the group, assures that “Latinos have to do an analysis between Biden and the current president, Trump, and see who is better for their community.”


The US elections are a personal matter for Maná singer Fher Olvera. In an interview with EFE, he argues that the Latino community cannot continue to be deceived and, although he does not endorse any candidate, he asks Hispanics to vote en masse.

The singer, who supported the candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, talks exclusively with EFE about his participation in the Vota Por Nosotros campaign aimed at mobilizing the Latino vote and with which other Mexican stars such as Alejandro Fernández and Christian Nodal also collaborate. .

The artist, who wears sunglasses and a wooden pendant in the shape of an elephant, also offered unpublished details about a new album that will be released in 2021 and shared some of his reflections on the pandemic.

– Which candidate are you supporting in these elections? The President of the United States, Donald Trump, or his Democratic rival, Joe Biden?

What I can tell you is that there are always some better candidates than others. I’m not going to say which one is better in this case, but I believe that the Latino community can no longer be deceived. And sooner or later, they wake up and vote. The phrase is attributed to Bob Marley: “You can fool some people some times but you can’t fool all the people all the time” (You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool everyone all the time).

I mean, I think Latinos have to do an analysis between Biden and the current president, Trump, and see who is better for their community. I cannot say it or ethically, I must. However, I do strongly ask our Latino community to make an objective reflection and analysis, of course, of who is who, because there is always one who supports our community more, who is more human, who is greener.

– Why are elections in the US important to you on such a personal level?

In a way, it is not that I am American, because I am Mexican, but I feel so identified with Mexicans from the United States, with Hondurans, with all Central Americans, with those from the Caribbean and, from Colombia to the bottom, to Chile and Argentina . Like Spain, we are the same country with the same dreams, with the same language, very similar stories, very similar problems.

I am also seeing what Mexico has suffered for not being well involved in the political cause of choosing. So I’m sorry I’m not on tour so I can talk a little about this, but thanks to you we can connect with all Latinos and make that recommendation: don’t go overboard, kid, kid, kids, grown-ups, little ones, go vote, no They will repent.

– However, during the 2016 elections, Maná did tour the US on a tour to mobilize the Latino vote and Trump ended up winning. What went wrong? What failed them?

(Laughs) I even cried, but well. I’m going to tell you what a wise friend much older than me told me, he said: “Fernando, that’s life.” The thing is not to stay in the attempt. Look, because the story, for example, of Maná is to fall and get up, fall and get up, fall and get up, a thousand times, my dear, but a thousand times, not 800, until he tied the band. And that’s the story of us, those are the stories that I believe in.

– On the musical level, some rumors have been heard about the possibility of a new collaboration album. What is it about? Will there be a new album?

Yes, it is an album that we have released in parts that we have liked very much. The first one that started was with the Spanish Pablo Alborán, then we went with Sebastián Yatra, we already have others recorded. There will be everything, from Anglo people, there will be Mexican people, we have some Argentine candidates that we believe combine very well with Maná.

– What songs will the album include?

You will be able to hear everything. I can tell you a bit as a scoop, from “Mariposa treacherous” or “Te lloré un río” to newer songs and also the first ones, from Maná’s first albums. It is well stocked.

– And when will it go on sale?

At the beginning of the coming year, we are slow, simmering, well you know (…) What we promise people is that we are going to do a super job and we already miss them, a lot.

– Precisely, I wanted to ask you about the pandemic. What lessons have you drawn from this time and what do you think humanity should learn?

Well, I think that the human for many years, many, hundreds, we have been very proud with the other species on the planet, with all the other mammals and fauna, flora, everything that surrounds us and they are giving us a strong lugging. It is sometimes the only way to learn.

The second point that I say, I think, is that in life you will always find negative things that in the end will be resolved as the Buddhists say: everything happens and this will also happen. But you have to spend it in the best way, in the way where you don’t get sad, where you are positive, where you can help and cooperate with anyone. This world is circular and then your karma returns to you, I believe in all that.

– There are people who have lost loved ones or lost their jobs, what song would you dedicate to them to give them some consolation?

There is a song that speaks, it is an autobiography, it is called “Rain to the Heart”, that when I was in a middle time of crisis … Look! I get chinita meat (he touches his arm with the bristling skin)

With a complicated relationship that I had, my youngest son was like a shower to my heart, so it was what kept me going. And that song from “Rain to the Heart” is a song of hope, right? To have faith. I like to sing it when we are live and it makes me feel good.

That song would be dedicated to people who, well, to the whole planet, who have to feel like it. This is going to happen.


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